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Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 13 – Explained

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 13- Explained
Still From Attack On Titan Season 4, Episode 13

The only thing Attack On Titan’s final season is doing is building us firmly for an inevitable end. With a new side and ideologies, the series continues to hold it’s hyped run successfully. The anime comes from the dark fantasy manga of the same name written by Hajime Isayama. The story is set around three concentric cities. These cities are protected by three gigantic walls. The walls are meant to protect the humans from giant creatures called titans who feed on humans for no apparent reason.  The series has been further praised for its dark nature, brilliant storyline, and compelling characters.

Attack On Titan follows the story of three kids, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin who witness a massacre went two gigantic titans break the walls of their city and infiltrate killing a piece of humanity. The event encourages them to join the Survey Corps and end each living Titan once and for all. The anime is currently on its final season covering thirteen episodes so far. The most recent thirteenth episode had its own questions plus ups and downs and here we are taking a look at everything that happened here and what it signifies.

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What Went Down?

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 13- Explained

Still From Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 13

The thirteenth episode of Attack On Titan’s final season is titled “Children of the Forest”. The episode gave us a lot of revelations and secrets for its own good. Let’s start with Zeke who shared his secrets right at the beginning of the episode. He talked about the secret behind his gas weapons. He confessed it to Levi and revealed the spinal fluid these gas weapons contained that turned Ragako people into Titans.

On the other hand, Sasha’s family taking Gabi and Falco with them visited an establishment. A place where Nicolo works. At the same time, the scouts also come up to eh establishment. Jean and Connie have a look at quite an intriguing vine. Only to be interrupted by Nicolo who states filthy Eldians are not allowed to touch it.

Sasha’s Father Meets Her Daughter’s Killer

The moment follows Nicolo going to an empty room followed by Gabi and Falco. The duo reveals that they are Marleyan Warrior Candidates. This also eventually results in Nicolo acknowledging Gabi is the one who shot Sasha. The fact drives Nicolo into a rage trying to take a shot at Sasha using a bottle of wine. Falco jumps in for rescue and pushes Sasha away to take the damage. The attack doesn’t stop there as Nicolo punches Sasha and drags her to Sasha’s father. He further reveals that Gabi is the one who shot his daughter.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 13- Explained

Still From Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 13

Nicolo holds Falco with a Knife in his hands and asks Sasha’s father to avenge her daughter by killing Gabi. Well, Gabi is not the one who gives up easily. She screams and reveals how Sasha was responsible for the death of her loved ones too. Sasha’s father Mr. Braus takes away the knife of Nicolo, He delivers a heartfelt speech on War and how it should be kept away from kids of the next generation.

Mr. Braus’s speech doesn’t do much as Sash’s death has been felt by many. This includes Kaya who tries to take a shot at Gabi too. This time, Mikasa comes in for save at the right time. Gabi is left questioned why these Eldians who she believed to be monsters are so good and compassionate towards her.  She is taken away by Armin and Mikasa. Nicolo further reveals about a wine that entered Falco’s mouth and likely contains Zeke’s fluid. On the other hand, Levi continues to investigate Eren who is now growing to become a possible threat.

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Eren Knows About Zeke’s Plans

After taking Gabi away, Armin and Mikasa explain to Gabi that they don’t want to kill her. The conversation is followed by Eren entering the room who has something to tell. Before the conversation is revealed we are taken to another room. There Eren’s followers are holding Scouts at gunpoint asking for Zeke. Hange on the other hand already realizes that the other factions are aware of Zeke’s spinal fluid and its mixture in Wine.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 13- Explained

Still From Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 13

So coming back to Eren, he probably has already taken precautions. To know about Zeke, he might have turned Titan that may explain his hand-cut. Plus, the wine plan to which fits perfectly for Eren. The half brothers are on their way to complete control over Paradis Island. Right now, we come to the fact that the military is trying to grab hands on the founding titans. This is probably the reason Eren and his followers took the action. With all the problems of trust in the air, carrying the big guns is what the halfbrothers are aiming for.

Right now, we don’t know if Eren is completely okay with this wine plan. Maybe he has his own work to do and is the reason he comes to his best friends. Probably to fend off with the military police. After all the destruction the half-brothers may be looking to a peaceful way with this wine plan. Well, it all will be revealed eventually right. All in the next episode of Attack on Titan. Titled”Savagery” releasing on March 15, 2021. Until then Attack On Titan is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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