Attack on Titan Manga Ending To Be Revealed Soon

Attack on Titan manga series is one of the most beloved manga series of modern times. This is mainly because of the awesome plot of the series. Hajime Isayama is the creator of the series and is pretty open in teasing the fans with the ending of the series. Hajime Isayama has previously teased the final panel of the manga series which was very bold of him.

Even though the final panel of the series has been teased but Hajime Isayama has done so in such a way that it doesn’t reveal anything significant regarding the story of the series. Now, Hajime Isayama has revealed that he is going to reveal the ending of the series in the upcoming event of the known as Exhibition Final.

This Exhibition Final will be held in two parts. First, from 08 July 2019 to 04 August 2019 and the second half will be from 05 August 2019 to 08 September 2019. So, the fans are pretty much awaiting what will be revealed about the ending of the movie. It is clear that Hajime Isayama will be not teasing anything major regarding the ending of the story because if he does then he knows nobody is going to read his manga.

So, he might be teasing something that will make the fans super excited and also not reveal too much that will kill the excitement of the fans. The manga of Attack on Titan comes out monthly. Even though fans want the chapters to come out weekly but its class looks great on a monthly basis.

Attack on Titan ending

The series is about the main character Eren who and other remaining human beings fight to survive against titans who are gigantic monsters who eat human beings.

Eren along with some friends like Armin and Mikasa battles these titans to make the world again titan free. The anime of Attack on Titan is also airing as we speak. This time season 3 part 2 is being aired and we have already seen beast titan and armoured titan in action. The anime has its own fan following because it is also too awesome to behold. Let us see now what the creator of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama will reveal at this Exhibition Final about the ending of the story.

Do share with us in the comments section down below what your thoughts on Hajime Isayama teasing the ending of the story now and again. I as a fan am too excited about this event that will start from July.

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