Attack on Titan Manga Ending Date Revealed, Shingeki No Kyojin Will End In April 2021

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Attack on Titan The Final Season
Attack on Titan The Final Season

In the latest news released by Attack on Titan Creator, we found out that the manga will take longer than initially planned. Comic NATALIE has shared a message from the manga creator as it was revealed about the challenges that they have experienced in concluding their story.

The manga creator, Hajime Isayama, commented that they had revealed eight years ago that they would complete the manga in three years. They added that they could finally finish it even though it has been a long time. So they hope that their fans will stay until the end.

They also revealed that this was not extended to the manga’s editorial department, but rather it was on the last years of being rushed to reach the manga’s ending. They also apologized and added that the manga is finally over. The manga creator ended their message by saying that they will do their best for the final episode so that th fans will be glad that they have read it so far.

The manga will reach its final chapter in the May Issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, to be released on 9 April. Attack on Titan The Final Season Anime is currently ongoing and will be releasing Attack on Titan The Final Season Episode 5 next week early.

Attack on Titan The Final Season Anime
Attack on Titan The Final Season Anime

The manga has been serialized in the separate Shonen Magazine for 11 and a half years since September 2009. It is described as a dark fantasy depicting Titans’ battle with overwhelming powers and the humans who oppose them. The anime adaptation made its debut in 2013, and the current season is also broadcasting on NHK General. You can also stream the latest episodes on Crunchyroll, and Funimation also releases Attack on Titan Season 4 English dubbed episodes.

Volume 33 of the manga will be released and published on January 8, and the final volume (volume 34) will then be shipped on June 9th. The manga creator also emphasized the delay of the manga ending that it was not due to the editorial staff stretching the release dates, but all this was due to the rush to complete the manga.

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Kodansha also hinted that there is a lot of projects that are prepared for the manga’s ending. So far, the manga has already produced over 100 million copies worldwide, and back in November last year, the manga creator revealed that only 1 to 2% of the manga is left. Isayama also supervised the rough layout of the draft for the manga series’s final panel on MBS commentary program: Jonetsu Tairiku back in November 2018. This was when it was revealed that the manga would end in 2020.

Currently, Attack on Titan manga is ongoing, and the anime is said to have 16 episodes. You can check more updates on the total number of episodes that Attack on Titan will have: Attack on Titan Season 4 Will Have 16 episodes. The anime is currently on a break, and if you want to find out when it will be releasing a new episode, you can check out its full post: Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Release Date. Taking note of all those updates, we now know the anime is not that far from ending. This makes sense since Attack on Titan Season 4 is also known as Attack on Titan The Final Season. 

And with only 16 episodes of that, the anime will be starting an intense battle soon, which will likely be carried until the end of the season. So there is no more room for the development of storylines but just fighting until the end. This explains why the anime explored all the story build-up to the war entirely in the first four episodes, and now things will keep up in the next episode.

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