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Attack on Titan Episode 76: Release Date & Preview

attack on titan episode 76 release date
Attack on Titan Episode 76 Release Date

Attack on Titan episode 76 release date is a long-awaited release indeed on behalf of all those who follow the long-running anime. Firstly, we now have a better timeline on when is it dropping. Secondly, the so-called “Final Season” will arrive in just a matter of months and as you will learn from this post, episode seventy-six will finally be here sometime soon. We will answer the question that everyone asked for so long. When is episode 76 releasing? Look no further.

So, Attack on Titan season 4 part 1 episode number 16 ended back in March of this year. And we are now looking forward to episode number 17. Which is supposed to be titled “Judgment” And this —of course— was confirmed on the official Twitter account saying that the tv anime attack on titan the final season episode number 76 is scheduled to be broadcast this winter on the NHK general tv —the official website also stated that it was going to be a part 2.

Attack on Titan Episode 76 Release Date

Attack on Titan Episode 76 will release sometime in January 2022. The showrunners haven’t made a new announcement as to how many episodes will make up this second part of this “Final Season.” In consequence, we will be alert for any new official updates. And be sure that as soon as any new intel comes up. We will post an update for you. By now, here’s what we know so far. Firstly, Funimation and Crunchyroll will simulcast this episode. So expect English subs on the same day as this episode launches in Japan.

From my research, I picked up a bunch of people in social media getting confused thinking that it was only going to be one episode. But since they said “part two”. It most likely implies that it will be multiple episodes. However, we don’t know the exact episode count. And —again— we also don’t know the exact release date. Since all they did say was “this winter”. Simply put, “This winter” basically means that it could technically come out anywhere from December of 2021 like how part one did all the way up until January of 2022. In consequence, somewhere around that period of time, however, there were a few reliable news sources saying that it will be coming out in the winter of 2022 one of them being Funimation saying the battle is not over.

Attack on Titan Episode 76 Release Date

Attack on Titan Episode 76 Release Date

Attack on Titan Story Explained

The show “Attack on Titan” chronicles the post-apocalyptic adventures of a core group of adolescent protagonists who live in walled-off sanctuary cities that protect them from the monster “Titans.” When Eren Yeager’s mother is murdered in an assault. Eren becomes our primary protagonist. And we follow him on his vengeful quest to kill as many Titans as he can. The seemingly basic concept gradually develops to complex mythology and enormous proportions of action, with the series garnering significant critical praise and a worldwide following.

Who is behind Attack on Titan’s latest Season?

“Attack on Titan: Final Season” is directed by Jun Shishido and Yichir Hayashi. Who are filling in for Tetsur Araki and Masashi Koizuka. Hiroshi Seko replaced Yasuko Kobayashi as writer, and with the shift in studios producing the season, Kyji Asano was replaced as character designer by Tomohiro Kishi. Hiroyuki Sawano and Kohta Yamamoto wrote the soundtrack. Which is directed by Masafumi Mima. As for the cast, the original Japanese cast includes Yuki Kaji as Eren, Yui Ishikawa as Mikasa Ackerman. Marina Inoue as Armin Arlert, Yoshimasa Hosoya as Reiner Bruan, and Takehito Koyasu as Zeke Jaeger. Bryce Papenbrook voices Eren in the English version. And he is accompanied by Trina Nishimura as Mikasa Ackerman, Josh Grelle as Armin Arlert, Robert McCollum as Reiner Braum, and Jason Liebrecht as Zeke Jaeger.

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Attack on Titan Episode 76 Release Date

Attack on Titan Episode 76 Release Date

Cool things about Attack on Titan

The brutality of Attack on Titan is the first thing you’ll notice. Titans had already penetrated the wall inside the first 15 minutes. And we witness innocent people being crushed by falling rubble, squished beneath the enormous beasts’ boots. Or scooped up and slowly devoured alive by them. Indeed, the majority of the program borders on horror, and there are enough of frightening and unsettling images that, if you’re a lover of the genre, may very well haunt your dreams. We get a sense of how dismal the show’s world is from the very first episode. As the opening voiceover informs us that when the Colossal Titan broke the wall. It sent mankind a warning that they are “not intended to continue living” since they have no chance of conquering the Titans (heavy stuff for a first episode).

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