Attack On Titan Episode 48 – Where To Stream It?

In this article, I will feature Attack On Titan Episode 48 spoilers. We are now going to witness more revelation from the past that will help in attaining the truth of the Titans and the walls. Are they really the only humans left on Earth or is there anybody out there who are living outside the walls?

Everything’s changing inside the walls because of Rod Reiss’ death and his nobles dethroned. Because of Eren’s hardening ability, the Survey Corps managed to make a Titan guillotine which kills a Titan even without a soldier battling it. Historia left the ruling to the military and decided to manage an orphanage instead. Because of this, she is called the “cattle raising Goddess.”

And because of Survey Corps’ recent success, a lot of recruits from the Garrison, including Marlowe, are seen discussing the plan of retaking Wall Maria during one dinnertime with Eren and co.

But Eren’s focus is not only in training his hardening ability. He is also trying to find a man he saw during his flashback inside the cave. Jean suggested that Eren needs to see their old instructor Keith Shadis for a headbutt to make his memory clearer. Eren declared that he is ready to take the headbutt if that’s what it takes, but then he realized that the man on his flashback looks a lot like Keith Shadis.

The Survey Corps will then go and see the old instructor, who happened to be the old Commander of the Survey Corps. He will reveal that before he became a commander, he met Grisha Yaeger in the most bizarre way that he can think of. Grisha was outside the wall when Keith saw him for the first time. And when Keith brought him inside the walls, he didn’t even have any information about how humans live and who the Survey Corps is.

Keith will then reveal more things about his past, and how Grisha disappeared just after the attack in Wall Maria leaving Eren alone in the forest after he got the founding titan’s power. Hange will conclude that the greatest secret revealed in this confession is that Grisha is the proof that humanity did not perish outside the walls. There is a certain enemy that wants people inside the wall dead. And that’s it for Attack on Titan episode 48. Stay tuned for more updates.

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