Attack on Titan Ending Explained

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Attack on Titan ending explained
Attack on Titan.

When talking of shonen manga and anime, Attack on Titan is not one to be missed out on. Hajime Isayama’s manga has become one of the most popular manga. The manga concluded earlier this year after being compiled into 34 volumes. It ran for the last 12 years in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. The Attack on Titan ending was tragic, shocking, and filled with ecstasy. Eren Yeager’s journey from wanting to kill all titans to becoming someone to own them all was long. Isayama has crafted the story with so many eager twists, each of them bigger and better than the other. The way the talented mangaka wrapped the series is worth huge applause. The Attack on Titan volume 34 came with additional pages from Isayama that were exclusive. We get a brief look into the afterword of the big climax.

Fans who read the Attack on Titan ending have mixed reviews. With many people coming forward to say that the manga ending was very unsatisfactory, the manga received a major amount of backlash. However, let’s admit that we all saw the end coming. It was quite predictable. However, it must be appreciated that Isayama made sure to present the same predictable ending with several well-garnished features that made reading the manga so much fun.

Here is us discussing the Attack on Titan ending and explaining it as we see it. The manga was a great success despite whatever anyone has to say about it. However, we would like to drop a quick warning that nothing ahead is spoiler-free so read at your own risk!

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The last remains of humanity live confined within the three walls, each dividing the regions according to class. Beyond the walls are gigantic creatures called ‘Titans’ that eat humans but not much is known about why they do so or where they come from. It’s been ages since titans have entered the walls. But, when they wreak havoc by breaking the first wall, Eren Yeager’s mother gets eaten by the smiling titan. Having seen his mother getting killed, young Eren vows to kill all titans and thus joins the elite group of soldiers who specialize in hunting these titans: the Survey Corps.

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Attack on Titan Ending Explained

Pull up your socks because the final chapter is going to blow your mind. Mikasa, Levi, Armin, and the remaining warriors keep on fighting Eren and the shining centipede. Through Levi’s assistance, Mikasa was finally able to decapitate Eren. This incident eventually confirms that Eren is gone. The death of Eren is mourned by Armin and Mikasa.

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However, before that happens, Eren lets Armin know why he decided to end 80% of humanity through the rumbling. He also explained that the only way one can end the power of the Titans is by helping Ymir be free of the agony of love. Eren also confessed that it wasn’t him but Mikasa. This is the explanation of why Ymir had a smile on his face when Mikasa chose to kill Eren.

The entire conversation was deleted from Armin’s memory. He could only recover it after the death of Eren. When Mikasa kills Eren, the other Titans turn into dust and the ones who were transformed turn into humans. However, even when the Titans were gone, the Islanders remained afraid of the rest of the world. They take the help of Historia and Armin as they plan to let the world know about their story with the hope of getting the peace they have been looking for.

Attack on Titan volume 34
Attack on Titan Volume 34.

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In the final pages of the manga, time goes three years ahead wherein Mikasa is seen visiting Eren’s gravesite. It’s on Paradise Island, built under the tree. She tells him that soon their friends will visit him. And, also says that she wishes to see him soon. 

Right on that time, her scarf slips and a bird ties it around her neck. She smiles as the bird flies away. She says “thank you, Eren, for wrapping the scarf around me.” The bird then flies past Armin and his friends.

Suddenly, her scarf slips from her neck, and a bird ties it around her. She smiles as the bird flies away and says, “Thank you for wrapping this scarf around me, Eren.” The bird then flies past Armin and their friends.

Attack on Titan ending
Attack on Titan Exclusive Volume 34 Cover.

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