Attack On Titan Chapter 112 Spoilers – Levi Might Die Soon?

A lot of things happened in the previous chapter of Attack On Titans. The Braus Family finally met the one who killed their daughter, more internal conflict is being revealed, Pixis decided to just surrender to the Yaeger brother’s plan, and last but not the least, what’s mixed in with the wine is revealed to be Zeke’s spinal fluid. In Attack On Titan chapter 112, it seems like Levi will be in a very difficult spot and might even lose his life. Meanwhile, Mikasa, Armin, and Eren is expected to have a confrontation in this chapter.

Attack On Titan Chapter 112

With the revelation of the existence of Zeke’s spinal fluid in the wines from Marley, Zeke can have an army of Titan whenever he wanted to. Levi is entrusted to guard Zeke and to kill him when he manifested strange behavior. He is accompanied by other soldiers who are scouting the place. At the first glance, it seems like Zeke is the one at disadvantage here. But to Levi’s surprise, he was suddenly surrounded by an army of Titans when Zeke shouted and everyone except the Ackerman turned into a Titan. It just means that the wine not only reached the MP exec but also to some infantry members as well.

On the other part of the story, it seems like Mikasa, Armin, and Eren will finally have a conversation after so many chapters. According to spoilers, it seems like Mikasa dropped her obsession with Eren and criticized the man’s action for the first time. When asked about their friendship, Eren told them that it was all just a lie, and Mikasa started crying loudly.

And that’s it for Attack On Titan chapter 112 spoilers. The spoilers are to be taken by a grain of salt. But based on what’s written, it seems like Eren and Zeke are planning to make everyone who get in their way disappear.

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