Attack on Titan Chapter 112 Spoilers: Falco’s Fate

Attack on Titan Chapter 111 was probably one of the most intense ones I’ve read in a while. I loved chapter 110, but this month’s chapter was something else entirely! So we didn’t get to see any action from Eren and the Jaegar Faction, but we did see a lot of other stuff that made up for it.

Attack on Titan Chapter 112

Pixis is now in command, and he basically says that they should surrender to the Jaegar Faction because now is not the time to fight amongst themselves. As they visit Nicolo, we got to see Gabi and Falco meet him moments after them seeing him. They explained that they’re from Marley and they have escaped. Later, Gabi mentioned that she killed a girl and that’s what triggered Nicolo, and he ended up attacking Gabi, only for Falco to get in the way. Gabi was nearly killed, but Sasha’s parents saved her life, and Mikasa saw to it that she survives. Gabi realized that they don’t hate her for what she did and she truly opens up her eyes.

Attack on Titan Chapter 112 Spoilers

In the next chapter, I think she may realize that the way she’s always been thinking about the Eldians was wrong. It’d be interesting to see what she thinks if she finds out about Reiner’s bloodline as well. I’d sure love to see that moment. Aside from all this, Falco got some of Zeke’s spinal fluid in his mouth, and may now transform into a mindless Titan. If that happens, they cannot do much to save him.

The only possibility is for Reiner and the people for Marley to show up and then for Reiner to feed himself to Falco and let him inherit the Armored Titan. I don’t think there’s any other way for Falco to survive this predicament. We may also see Eren getting closer to Zeke in the next chapter. Marley’s invasion of Paradis Island is a known fact now, but we didn’t see any of it in this chapter. I’d like to see them finally launch their first attack in the next chapter of Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan Chapter 112 will come out next month in the Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, which will likely be out in December. I’m excited about the events of the next manga chapter, and I hope you guys are too. Let me know your predictions in the comments section!

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