Attack On Titan Chapter 111 Spoilers: Here’s What’s On The Wine

Everything’s going downhill for the Survey Corps and the Paradis in Attack On Titan chapter 111. It seems like they already figured out that there’s something wrong with the wine that Nicolo has been making the Paradis officials drink. It is not something like a poison, but it is worst than an instant death tonic. In this chapter, you’ll gonna hate and love Nicolo at the same time (if you haven’t already).

Attack On Titan Chapter 111 Official Spoilers

A few chapters ago, Nile was talking to the other military officials of Paradis around the table where Nicolo was serving bottles of wine. It has been speculated for a long time that the wines have something toxic mixed in there that can potentially kill all the military officials of Paradis. Spoilers show how Nicolo was arrested for some reason and he revealed that what’s in the wine is not poison, but something more deathly: Zeke’s spinal fluid.

attack on titan chapter 111

With just one scream, Zeke can paralyze Paradis as its military officers will be taken down in one moment. But before that, it was revealed that Nicolo will encounter Falcon and Gabi. It might be with the help of the girl that they talked to in previous chapters. It will also be revealed in the Attack On Titan chapter 111 that the family who helped Gabi and Falco is Shasha’s family.

Gabi will be proud to tell them that she is the one who killed Sasha (I still got sad because of this). Nicolo got angry because of this revelation and is about to smash a bottle of wine to Sasha because of this. However, Falco saved her before he was injured and he took the blow to the head. It shows that Nicolo really cared for Sasha and he is sincere to her parents. What will now happen to Nicolo after he was found out as a traitor? Attack On Titan chapter 111 will be out in a few hours so stay tuned.

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