Attack on Titan Chapter 111: Levi Vs Eren?

Attack on Titan manga has probably been one of my favorites in the past few months, and each chapter that Isayama has delivered has been so good that you can t help but get exciting for the next chapter. Attack on Titan Chapter 111 is very close now, and I’m.bery excited for the return of the manga this month, so I think it is time we start talking about it.

Previously, we saw members of Folke’s group decimating Zackly in his office with a planned explosion. Nobody understood who did it, or why they did it. At the same time, Eren decided that it was time to break free, and he set out using the powers of the various Titans that he possesses. He met with Folke later on, and he’ll now be heading towards the forest where Zeke is at. Mikasa and Armin were also seen traveling to someplace in a carriage, and I have a feeling that they’ll run in some serious trouble in the next chapter of Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan Chapter 111 Spoilers

As many of you may have guessed, Attack on Titan Chapter 111 will focus heavily on Eren’s group. He wants to see Zeke and discuss a lot of stuff with him, so I think that he’ll be meeting up with his brother soon. At the forest, things could get intense, because Levi won’t be happy seeing Eren having broken out of his cell. It may even lead to a fight between Eren and Levi, and I think Levi can deal with him. However, if Zeke were to join this fight, Levi would be in trouble.

Armin may have anticipated the actions of Eren, and he may somehow be able to put to a stop to it, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Pieck has also managed to infiltrate Paradis Island successfully, and that’s really worrying. We know that the people of the Marley we’re talking about launching a quick counterattack, and if Pieck is there, so are the others. Expect a start to another great war soon enough, and this time, it’ll be the Eldians who will be taken by surprise.

Attack on Titan Chapter 111 will come out next month in the Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, which will likely be out on 9 November 2018. I’m very excited about the events of the next manga chapter, and I hope you guys are too. Let me know your predictions in the comments section!

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