Attack on Titan Chapter 111 Leaks and Release Date

In this post, we are going to be talking about Attack on Titan Chapter 111 leaks and spoilers. Attack on Titan is probably one of the most consistent manga ever, and yet again, this month we got a mind-blowing chapter. Chapter 110 was especially great because nobody knew what was happening. It was so unpredictable, yet in enjoyed it to the fullest.

Attack On Titan chapter 111

Zachly died a terrible death, which was actually the doing of one of the members of Folke’s group. We saw how Eren finally managed to escape from the prison using his Titan powers, and at the same time, he sealed the exit shut, so people don’t know where he is actually going.

Attack on Titan Chapter 111 Spoilers

Onyakopon, Hagne, Armin, and Mikasa we’re last seen in a carriage. At the same time, we found out that Pieck was at Paradis Island, which confirms to all of us that the Marleyans are here. Eren probably realizes that they are here and that they will now be planned something huge.

Their plan, as we were told, was to lay waste to entire Paradis Island. In Attack on Titan Chapter 111, I think we will find more spies at Paradis who will have infiltrated alongside Pieck. Meanwhile, Gabi and Falco will still be at the orphanage, and I think it is time Gabi’s views on Eldians changed.

She is acting in a very rude way, yet Falco is very understanding. Gabi needs to learn to keep her little mouth shut, and she needs to learn about the consequences of her actions. Her character really pisses me off. We will also see Zeke, and Eren meets in the next chapter of Attack on Titan.

I think they’re due to meet in the forest, and this is where things get very confusing. Levi is still loyal to Hange, yet Eren has now betrayed everyone. So will Eren be butchered down by Levi, or will Levi die at the hands of the two brothers? Things are getting really complicated now.

Attack on Titan Chapter 111 will be out in next month’s Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, which will likely be out on 9 November 2018. I’m very excited about the events of the next manga chapter, and I hope you guys are too. Let me know your predictions in the comments section!

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