Attack on Titan 111: Levi In Danger, Eren Meets Zeke

In this post, we will be talking about Attack on Titan Chapter 111 raw/scans release date and spoilers. Attack on Titan is getting intense with each passing chapter, and this month, we got to see Eren finally do something and break out of his prison cell. He used the ability of hardening to shut the exit down so nobody could follow him. At the same time, there is confusion all around, since Zackly died a sudden death. I don’t think anyone of us expected him to die there. It was later revealed to us that this was the doing of Folke’s group member, on the command of Folke, probably.

Attack on Titan Chapter 111

Eren met up with them, and Mikasa Armin and the others were seeing traveling to someplace in a carriage. Things are getting heated up, but the most intriguing detail that we got in the last chapter was Pieck’s invasion of Paradis. If she is there, I’m certain that other people from Marley have also invaded Paradis, since they were talking about taking the Eldians by surprise just a chapter ago.

Attack on Titan Chapter 111 Spoilers

Now, Eren is looking for Zeke. However, to get to Zeke, he will need to cross Levi. Remember, Levi is with Zeke in the forest. Eren if breaking the rules to be able to see Zeke. Levi still has his loyalty to Hange, and there is going to be a hell of a conflict if Eren and Levi don’t get along. The Eren that we see now is different from what we’re used to seeing. His friends know that he has changed somehow, but they just don’t want to accept the reality.

Levi might be in big trouble if Eren decides to go against him, because Zeke is there too, and powerful as he is, I still don’t think that Levi can take down both of them at once. Levi is in grave danger, but I don’t think he’ll die. He’s one of the characters who I expect will make it to the end. Eren has to get back to his senses, and quick.

Attack on Titan Chapter 111 will come out next month in the Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, which will likely be out on 9 November 2018. I’m very excited about the events of the next AOT manga chapter, and I hope you guys are too.

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