ATEEZ: Café Yellow Birthday Posts An Apology After The Controversy Catches Fire

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ATEEZ: Café Yellow Birthday Posts An Apology After The Controversy Catches Fire
ATEEZ: Café Yellow Birthday

ATINYs, the fandom of ATEEZ has created another wave of buzz on the internet. It is very natural for a K-Pop fandom to be protective over their K-Pop groups and idols out there and this time the situation wasn’t any different.

When a café declined reservations after knowing that the booking was done for ATEEZ the whole Twitter went into the fire mode. Multiple fandoms came forward and agreed with the other fans on the absurd controversial customer service of the Café Yellow Birthday.

Their selective nature has dragged them into a mess of controversies and from the nature of the same, it is very evident that this time they are not going to leave them at peace. The controversial behaviour of the café owner and their absurd groundless rules have left everyone frustrated and therefore it is natural to see them getting criticized on the internet.

Even though they have posted an apology but there are very high chances that their reputation has already smudged to dirt.

ATEEZ: All About the Café Yellow Birthday Controversy

The new café controversy has sparked a great deal of issues on the internet and K-Pop fandoms out there are not taking any of it lightly. Following the K-Pop tradition of holding events for favourite K-Pop idols, fans hold small gatherings at cafés.

The point to be noted is that cafés in South Korea have this first come first serve basis. The rule is in place to make sure that there would be no conflicts or hassle of schedule among different K-Pop fans and their idols.

But this time, things have turned a bit difficult for everyone. Café Yellow Birthday in Hongdae is all over the internet for rejecting client bookings based on the K-Pop artist they want to surprise. Many reports circulating on the internet suggested that it was ATINY’s who were trying to make the reservation but were rejected by the café owner.

ATEEZ: Café Yellow Birthday Posts An Apology After The Controversy Catches Fire
Fans Convo With Yellow Cafe

The fans took it on the internet and seeing this whole news other K-Pop fandoms have also come forward and shared their awful experiences with the café. One of the fans out there posted a screenshot of the conversation they had with the café owner. As per the chat, they asked the owner about their availability for booking.

The most disturbing part among this was that the café owner agreed for making a reservation before asking about the one they were making the booking for. But once they came to know about the name of the K-Pop artist they plan to surprise the owner suddenly changed his decision and said that they were fully booked.

Now, all everyone smells are lies.

Many other fans out there shared a very long list of strict rules a customer needs to follow if they want to host an event at Café Yellow Birthday. A down payment of 80 USD should be made and the amount is non-refundable if less than 20 people attend the event.

Moreover, the rules also state that if there are any cakes left in stock after the event, then it has to be bought by the person under whose name the bookings have been done. The list also mentions that the café won’t provide any bottled drinks if the guests are below 50.

Another incident was narrated by Rocket Punch Suyun’s fans. One of the fans wanted to schedule an event for March 12 and 13 and the café owner agreed for the same. But after the owner was made aware of the fact that the booking was for Rocket Punch Suyun, she just had a change of heart and said that they have other bookings for March 12 and 13.

It was frustrating for the fans to know that there were no bookings made for those particular two days even after days passed.

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ATEEZ: Café Yellow Birthday Apologizes to ATINYs

The internet took a wild turn with this situation and multiple K-Pop fandoms started to criticize the café for their awful customer service. Many fans came up with their own horrible experience with the café owner and all in all it was quite frustrating for all of them.

From all of this, it can be clearly seen that the café owner is not a bit shy about letting their true thoughts out. Although they said that they are open for reservations and events in April, May, and June but they have also made it very clear that they have very a specific choice of artists.

ATEEZ: Café Yellow Birthday Posts An Apology After The Controversy Catches Fire
Yellow Cafe’s Apology

To this many K-Pop fans didn’t fail to comment and make the café realize that it is not the last café in South Korea.

Getting dragged in for long on the internet, the café finally decided to come forward and apologize to all the fans of ATEEZ outside. On March 15, they posted an apology on Twitter stating that the café owner allowed greed to take on her. Through this letter, they have promised to be more righteous in the future.

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