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At A Distance Spring Is Green Introduces The 2 Male Leads In New Posters

At A Distance Spring Is Green
At Distance Spring Is Green cr: KBS2

At A Distance Sping Is Green is an upcoming South Koren Drama. It has been adapted from a popular webtoon which goes by the same name of At A Distance Spring Is Green. Fans are very excited about the drama. First things first are the amazing cast. The cast has Baek In Hyuk, Kang Min Ah, and Park Ji Hoon. Also, the drama is a campus story. These types of stories are relatable for the young students studying at colleges or universities. The main characters will find solace in their friendship. All of them have worries in their lives. They have worries like their grades or their family problems. The drama talks about how life can seem to be easy from afar but is very difficult when looked up close.

Yeo Jun is a handsome and popular student. He comes from a rich family, and people think that Yeo Jun is happy because of his wealth. From the outside, he might look like he has everything and is very happy. But in reality, he is quite sad. Next up is Kim So Bin. So Bin is a hardworking student. She looks quite lively and cheerful. But she has to face tough problems. So Bin thinks that her hard work doesn’t bear any fruit. This is because she isn’t able to score great marks even after her hard work.

Lastly, Nam Soo Hyun is a blank expression student. He is always at the top of the class but is quite distant from everyone and seems like a stranger to his classmates. Even he goes through a hard time. He is pressured to earn money for his school fees and also for his family. His father had died at a young age and is left with his sick mother and younger sibling.

At A Distance Spring Is Green Introduces The Two Main Leads

We have learned that at first, both of the main leads will not go along. This is because¬† Nam soo Hyun doesn’t like to talk and b around wealthy people as he thinks they are arrogant. In the new stills released by KBS, we see both Yeo Jun and Nam Soo Hyun’s new stills. Both of them look like they are facing each other for a battle. As released by KBS, we know that they would be given a project together in which they are supposed to get closer.

At a distance spring is green introduces the 2 main leads

Baek In Hyuk and Park Ji Hoon in new stills cr: KBS

Yeo Jun has a cheerful look on him and is also cutesy too. On the other hand, Nam Soo Hyun has a sly type of smile on his face. Fans are excited to see how they will become friends. Also, fans are patiently waiting for the heartwarming scenes these two might bring with their friendship. Of course, they would capture hearts when they accept each other’s faults and past. The other characters will also bring some flavor into the story. We will talk about the cast in the drama.

The Amazing Cast

At a distance spring is green introduces the two main leads

At a distance spring is green cast cr: KBS

First up is Park Ji Hoon who plays the role of Yeo Jun. Park Ji Hoon is known to be one of the talented members of Wanna One. He had seen great success with the boys of Wanna One. Ji Hoon was a child actor and had acted in various musicals and television dramas. After Wanna One’s sad disbandment, he had returned to acting. He had returned to acting with the drama Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency, where he had laid the role of Go Young Soo or Chil Nom.

Next up is Kang Min Ah who plays the role of Kim So Bin. and Min Ah is a beautiful actress who is famous for appearing in the drama True Beauty. She had acted as Choi Soo Ah who was Joo Gyung’s friend. She had acted in the drama Beyond Evil. Kang Min Ah had played the role of Kang Min Jung, who was Jin Mook’s daughter.

Lastly, we will talk about Baek In Hyuk, who plays the role of Nam Soo Hyun. Baek In Hyuk had debuted with the short film ‘Love Buzz’. He will also be appearing in My Roommate is Gumiho alongside Girls Day Hyeri. Baek In Hyuk plays the role of Gye Sun-woo in the drama.

At A Distance Spring Is Green is set to release on June 14, 2021, on KBS2 and Viki.

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