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Preview & Recap: At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 7

At a Distance Spring Is Green Episode 11
At a Distance Spring Is Green cr: KBS

Fans of the show are eagerly waiting for At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 7. At A Distance Spring Is Green is an ongoing South Korean Television series. The problems the characters face and go through reminds us of our own problems. Whether the problem maybe social anxiety, abuse, or stress, this drama showcases the problems youth face. The actors and actresses in this drama have taken the story to another whole level. Many people who might have been bullied in the past might be able to release to Kang Min Ah. Or maybe if you are the breadwinner of your family and the elders, you could totally relate to Nam Soo Hyun.

Moreover, if people judge you by not knowing a single about you, you could relate to Park Yeo Jun. And you could also relate to him because of the loneliness he feels when his own family disowns him. Also, many of us could relate to their love life. All in all, we can say that this drama is not superficial but keeps matters realistic, which might be one of the reasons people are drawn to drama. At A Distance Spring Is Green might become one of the best coming-of-age dramas released till now. Keep reading if you want to know about the release date of At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 7 and also what might be in for ys in the episode.

At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 7 Release Date

The KBS drama At A Distance Spring Is Green has released six episodes which are pretty impressive. The drama had started to air on the 14th of June and is set to sir till the 20th of July. The drama had been adapted from a webtoon that goes by the same name.

At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 7

Park Ji Hoon and Bae In Hyuk in behind the scenes cr: KBS

We will have much more fun-filled Mondays and Tuesdays because of the drama. The fans will have a glorious time with the characters Yeo Joon, Kang Min Ah, Nam Soo Hyun, Young Ran, Kim Mi Ja, and Hong Chan Ki. But sadly, the drama will only last for twelve episodes. Moreover, At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 7 will be releasing on the 5th of June, Monday. You could watch the drama on Rakuten Viki.

The Episode Preview

At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 7 had ended with a heart-fluttering note that made our heartbeat skip a little. As of now, we have seen a decent development in the show’s characters’ relationships and have got to know more about their past. Moreover, we have seen the main characters getting to know each other. Yeo Jun and Nam Soo Hyun seem to be making up bit by bit. In the preview, we saw a snippet in which Nam Soo Hyun accepts Yeo Jun as one of his friends. While Nam Soo Hyun is busy with his part-time jobs, he seems to be entering a love triangle. The love triangle consists of him, Young Ran, and Mi Joo. It would be exciting to see who will he choose.

At A Distance Spring Is Green

The main cast cr: KBS

On the other hand, we see our lovebirds Yeo Jun and Kim So Bin taking a step closer to each other. Although Yeo Jun has not disclosed his past to anyone, Kim So Bin has entrusted hers to him. Also, we see a bit of tension rising from Hong Can Ki and Yeo Jun. It seems like in the preview, Hong Chan Ki is telling someone to not love ‘her’ and that someone else needs that love. Could this ‘her’ be Kim So Bin, and could Hong Can Ki be saying this to Yeo Jun. Also, a concerning scene from the preview is that one Yeo Jn gets bet by Oh Chun Guk. Will he tell about his past Kim So Bin? There might be a chance that he would because he gets very scared and gets traumatized when he gets hit or someone else gets hit.

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