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Preview: At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 5

At a Distance Spring Is Green Episode 11
At a Distance Spring Is Green cr: KBS

At A Distance Spring Is Green will soon release episode 5 of the drama. At A Distance Spring Is Green is an ongoing South Korean TV series. Moreover, the drama is adapted from a webtoon that goes by the same name. It has won over fans’ hearts with its touching storyline. From its production to the beauty of the drama everything is perfect. It follows the story of three students finding their way in their life. All of them have relatable problems that make us cry out when seeing them go through the same problems as we go through. Also, fans have applauded the acting of Pak Ji Hoon, Kang Min Ah, and Bae In Hyuk who play the role of Yeo Joon, Kim So Bin, and Nam Soo Hyun respectively.

Fans like how they prioritize the growth of the characters in the drama rather than just prioritizing the romance part. They like how the drama has a good mixture of lightheartedness and struggle. While watching the drama for many fans their favorite phrase till now is one in the first episode. The phrase is when Yeo Joon says that people are wrong when they think that the spring of youth is beautiful and the reason they think like that is that they see it from a distance.

At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 5 Release Date

The series has released four splendid episodes that have kept every engaged from the very first episodes. We see the characters making new friends and trying to go through their school life. At A Distance Spring Is Geen is planning to release twelve episodes that are very emotional. The KBS drama had started to release on the 14th of June and is planning to release all of its episodes by the 20th of July. It has been releasing its episodes on days of Monday and Tuesday and has become one of our favorite Monday- Tuesday lineup of kdramas.

At a Distance Spring Is Green Episode 5

At a Distance, Spring Is Green cr: KBS

A moment that made many of the people cry ugly tears when Yeo Hoon’s father had bet him and his mom the than consoling him made him feel worse. Added to his grief his brother even had to say that Yeo Joon had no family and no one to love him. It made us feel Yeo Joon’s loneliness and his desperation for someone to love him. The fifth episode of At A Distance Spring Is Green on the 28th of June on Monday. The At A Distance Sping Is Geen Episode 5 will be available on Rakuten Viki by 21:30 KST.

What Is In The Preview?

The preview shows a sneak peek into what Yeo Joon and Kim So Bin’s relationship is like. It seems like their relationship is stained when So Bin finds out that Yeo Joon had purposely told him to go and confess when he knew that Hong Chan Ki would be with his ex-girlfriend. And it seems that So Bn is taking in a lot of stress by being the girlfriend of the most popular boy in school. It seems many would envy her because they themselves like Yeo Joon and many could also bully her because of that. We are getting a little worried because we know that So Bin lacks a lot of confidence in herself.

At a Distance Spring Is Green Episode 5

At a Distance, Spring Is Green cr: KBS

Also, it seems like a lot of rumors about her have been going around the school. This is because Yeo Joon comes running to So Bin and tells her that he is curious about her. And in the preview, Yeo Joon seems to be running after Nam Soo Hyun telling him that Nam Soo Hyun that if he runs away from him then he will miss him more. Nam Soo Hyun could be seen telling him that he reminds him of his brother and it pains him. Then comes in Yeo Joon’s bother who doesn’t give Yeo Joon a break and makes him feel much worse. And because of that, it seems like Nam Soo Hyun is trying to distance Yeo Joon from him. Also, he sees that Yeo Joon has become very anxious and maybe tries to console him.

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