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At a Distance Spring Is Green Episode 5
At a Distance Spring Is Green cr: KBS

Fans are excitedly looking forward to At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 12. At A Distance Spring Is Green is an ongoing South Korean TV Series. Moreover, it is a drama broadcasted exclusively on KBS2. Also, it has a star-studded cast consisting of Park Ji Hoon, Kang Min Ah, and Bae In Hyuk, these three play the main characters of the drama. Apart from the cast, the drama has caught everyone’s attention through its beautiful and touching story. All of the problems showcased in the drama are very realistic and many could relate to them. Apart, from its beautiful story, the drama overall is very beautiful. All thanks to the production team the drama is a sight to behold.

The drama has touched up on the problems that the youth go through. For example, they showcased abuse and childhood trauma through some of the characters in the drama. Also, the drama’s name has quite a significant meaning to it. The name At A Distance Spring Is Green refers to the wrong assumption that people have. The assumption being that the lives of young people are trouble-free. In this article, we will be talking about the release date of At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 12 and about the behind-the-scenes of the episodes.

At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 12 Release Date

The drama has given us a lot of splendid episodes. In the episodes, our emotions would range from sadness to happiness and to sadness again. We have talked about how great the cast, story, and production of the drama are but haven’t praised the characters yet. The characters are overall very lovable and relatable. You could sympathize with what they are going through. This is the key element of the drama. Like most of us in our 20s, these characters go through breakups, make new friends and experience and learn more things as they grow. It is a must-watch slice of life drama.

At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 12
Yeo Jun cr: KBS2

The series had been aired on KBS on the 14th of June and has planned to release its final episode on the 20th of July. Fans are sad that the drama will be ending only after twelve episodes. The viewers are happy and sad at the same time for the release of At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 12. The finale of the series will be airing on the 20th of July. You could watch At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 12 on Rakuten Viki. And fans cannot wait to see how the drama is going to get wrapped up.

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Some Interactions Between The Cast Of The Drama

The cast of the drama seems to be very close. They take cute selfies and have had some wholesome interactions too. We will be talking about some of them over here.

At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 9
The characters of At A Distance Spring Is Green Episode 9 cr: KBS

Kang Min Ah And Park Ji Hoon start crying

During bringing Yeo Jun and So Bin’s second kiss scene alive the actors started crying. The reason for this is they could feel what their characters were going through that is why they felt sad when acting the acene. But like good friends they cheered each other and just after a few minutes they became better. This incident shows us how touching the drama is and how talented the actors are in bringing out the emotions of the characters.

The Cast In The Behind The Scene’s Of Soo Hyun’s Party

The cast seems to be having as much fun as the characters during filming for the School Festival. In the middle of getting ready for the little birthday party scene which the characters had prepared for Nam Soo Hyun, two of the actors got playful. Kang Min Ah and Bae In Hyuk had started to have a greeting competition in which they even bowed down to each other. After that, Kang Min Ah had playfully rejected the flowers which Yeo Jun was supposed to give to So Bin. The reason she did this was that the bouquet did not have a ring. You could watch these behind the scenes in this video.

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