ASTRO – All The Reasons For You To Stan This Boy Band

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ASTRO – All The Reason For You To Stan This Boy Band

Making its debut in the year 2016, ASTRO is a six-member South Korean boy band. Their debut single was “Hide & Seek,” which was a part of their EP “Spring Up”. This release earned them a good reputation and media attention, making them one of the best new K-pop groups of 2016, according to Billboard.

Recently, they have released “Drive to the Starry Road,” their third full-length album with its lead single titled “Candy Sugar Pop”. The interesting part about this album was that it featured solo songs performed by each member of the band. It bagged several positions on music charts both domestically and globally.

Each Member Carries His Personal Charm

The six members of the group carry their own unique charms and personality traits. Indeed, they work as a group, but they don’t fail to highlight their individuality in their music. The oldest of the group, i.e., MJ, is known for his cute body and happy persona. He is known for his great sense of humor, which keeps everything and everyone lively.

ASTRO – All The Reason For You To Stan This Boy Band

The leader of the group, i.e., Jinjin, has a mature aura around him which portrays him as the more charismatic one. Cha Eun Woo is considered the visual and the genius of the group by everyone out there.

Moreover, Moonbin is known for his keen smell sense, which is like cats and dogs. Rocky is quite different from others in some aspects. He is quieter but doesn’t fail to act cute at times. Yoon Sanha is known for his baby aura, but his height doesn’t make him look like a maknae.

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Their Music Embodies Their Personality & Freshness

Each of ASTRO’s songs carries its unique charms. Most of their tracks have happy melodies and upbeat rhythms, which makes the listeners feel instant freshness and happiness. All the beats and melodies are also a metaphor for their personalities. Everyone knows that happy rhythm and fresh music are directly proportional to very young feeling and enthusiasm.

ASTRO – All The Reason For You To Stan This Boy Band

It is very true that the ASTRO has been one of the liveliest K-Pop groups in the industry. Their positive energy is directly channeled into their music tracks, and that’s why they are the most adorable ones out there. No matter what your mood is, you can always find a soundtrack through which they are successfully going to make everything ten times brighter and positive.

They Have Unique Vocal Harmonization

It is no hidden fact that as a group, one needs to have perfect harmonization with their group mates. It is something that enhances and makes the entire discography of a group much more appealing and attractive to all the fans out there. ASTRO does the same with much ease. The boy band is known to have one of the best synchronizations in every particular aspect.


Vocals, raps, dance steps, and energy, every member of the group has successfully synched themselves with other members in all these aspects. It is no surprise that the group has gained immense popularity because of the same. Moreover, it is also true that all their music tracks are fantastic proof of the same.

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The Group Is Active on VLIVE

Since its debut in 2016, the group has always done its best to improve its connection with its fans. They are always trying to make the best out of things and keeping their fans happy and updated about all the possible stuff.

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Being a music celeb also requires a well-established connection with one’s fans, and ASTRO has done it amazingly. They have been building this connection for a long time now, and now their increasing fanbase is also because of this reason.

They Always Have A Unique Concept

Every music video of the group has something really unique about it. With each new release, they have brought together the concept theme of different dimensions.

ASTRO – All The Reason For You To Stan This Boy Band

For instance, in the music video titled “Confession,” the group portrayed the character out of a comic lover who is trying to protect their loved ones. They have also released an album series of seasons. They began with Spring Up and wrapped up the project with Winter Dream.

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