Astria Ascending: Release Date & Plot

In today’s article, we shall talk about the Japanese video game called Astria Ascending. If you are an expert in video gaming, you must have heard about this game. Even after not being a video gamer, most of you have already heard about the game, and some are still unaware of it. When it comes to the genre of the game, it’s a JRPG series, that is, Japanese Role-Playing Games. Before its release, the game itself got huge appreciation from the critics on different platforms, and the youngsters can’t wait for its fall. The video game Astria Ascending is very exciting for multiple reasons. It’s a single-player, scrolling game and I’m sure most of you, especially the youngsters, are going to love it.

Those who already know about Astria Ascending are way too excited to know about its release date. Well, the waiting is over because here we shall cover everything about Astria Ascending. You must be wondering what is this everything all about. We shall cover it’s the release date, about which people are impatient. Also, we shall discuss the plot, which may bring interest in others who haven’t heard of this video game. Before we start, please note that this article .ay contains official spoilers, as in the plot of the game. However, if this doesn’t bother you, we can get started. So, get into this article to know further about the Japanese video game Astria Ascending.

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Astria Ascending Release Date: When will the Japanese Video Game release?

Astria Ascending will release on 30th September 2021. Well, the waiting is over. Most of you were very much eager and excited to know the release date of Astria Ascending. It is likely to release at the end of the coming month. After knowing this, I’m pretty sure most of you who were impatient about its fall, shall start counting down the days.

Some of you have heard about the game, but aren’t aware of its plot. For your convenience, we shall also discuss the story of the game in brief.

Astria Ascending Release Date
Astria Ascending Characters

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The Plot of Astria Ascending in brief:

Astria Ascending is a Japanese video game written by Kazushige Nojima and composed by Hito. This upcoming Japanese video game is very exciting for multiple reasons. The game is beautiful, hand-drawn. The people behind this game are a lot of alumni of Squaresoft. These include people who have written for Final Fantasy 10 and remake of Final Fantasy 7.

Astria Ascending Release Date
Japanese Video Game- Astria Ascending

The story of Astria Ascending is hidden right now. You shall play as one of the Fated Eight, a demigod group that is being designed to protect the land. There are five major races in this land. Firstly, there are Marios, who are the human inserts. Secondly, there are Peskas which are aquatic creatures. Thirdly, there are Zephs which is a lizard race. Also, there are Archons and Us, which are the races of Beast and Bird, respectively. But there are other characters, too, who go around supporting all the above races.

They are almost like a gnomish flying type of race known as mygms. These creatures go around carrying a special melon-like fruit. This fruit is a very significant and essential ingredient for daily life in Orcanon. If the melon goes away, it might cause issues between all the races. Not just that, it can also cause political strives among the creatures and the Fated Eight.

In the game Astria Ascending, we as a player can spend points to improve our gaming skills. Not only that, but we also gain ores if we hit on the weakness of an enemy.

Most of you who love playing video games is very much excited for the arrival of Astria Ascending and also to play the game. It’s a very interesting game to play. Don’t miss it. If you are a good video gamer, I highly recommend you to play the game Astria Ascending after its arrival.

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