Asta Vs Yuno: Who Will Win? A Brief Comparison Between Their Power Levels

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Asta Vs Yuno: Who Will Win?
Asta and Yuno

Hello everyone, Today we will compare the power level of our two major protagonists of Black Clover anime. Asta and Yuno want to be the Magic emperors of the clover kingdom and serve the people. They are doing exceptionally well until now and become one of the finest magic knights. We will discuss every major detail about them but before starting, we want to tell our readers that this article heavily contains major Black Clover spoilers so if you do not want to get spoiled, you can skip this article moreover you can read our spoiler-free articles which are easily available on our website. So after a quick warning, let’s get started.

Before coming to our main topic, we first want to give a brief description of both of the characters. Asta is an orphan raised under the care of a church in Hage village. He was born without magic in a world where magic is everything. Everyone has some kind of magic so they used to tease Asta because of Magic deficiency. At the age of 15, He received his five-leaf grimoire with Anti-Magic ability. We will not discuss every single about him as this will heavily affect your watching experience. If we talk about Yuno, He was raised with Asta under the same church in Hage Village. He was quite exceptional from his childhood and very talented in using magic. He, then take Asta as his rival and aimed to be the Magic Emperor. From inside, they are very close friends but they only rival each other when they engaged in action. So, this was a quick synopsis of both the characters. Now without wasting any time, let’s get to our main topic.

Asta Vs Yuno: Who Will Win?

Asta vs Yuno, who will win? This question comes to every fan’s mind after watching Black Clover. So we have prepared a quick comparison between their powers. This comparison is solely based on personal and fans theories so don’t consider this official and please do not offend. So, if we talk on the basis of power level till Spade Kingdom Arc, Asta is much powerful than Yuno. His black form and the integration with Leibe is something that makes him above the league and his ongoing training with Nacht to become the ultimate magic knight will give him another edge if there will be any fight with Yuno in near future. If we talk about Yuno, he is a great learner and not that behind from Asta. He can learn much quicker than Asta and can become even stronger than him in near future. So let’s suppose there will be a fight in near future for the title of Magic Emperor. They will have equal chances of winning but currently, if there will be any fight, Asta can beat Yuno for sure. So this was our comparison between their power levels. You may have some other theories but at the end of the day, all we discussed above are theories.

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Asta Vs Yuno: Who Will Win?
Asta from Black Clover

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Comparison Between Their Grimoire:

As we know, Asta holds the five-leaf grimoire which is very rare. Let’s discuss quickly, what a five-leaf grimoire is. Ordinary there are three leaf grimoires, that represent faith, love, and hope. The fourth leaf represents Good Luck and the fifth leaf represents the devil. When the user of the four-leaf grimoire goes into ultimate despair, the grimoire gets corrupt and becomes the dark grimoire. The devil uses the fifth leaf to hide and manifest its true powers. Unlike ordinary grimoires, Five-Leaf grimoires do not destroy after their user’s death instead they get vanished until the new worthy user is found. If we talk about Yuno’s grimoire, He possesses a rare wind magic four-leaf grimoire as for the one the first wizard king used to possess. Only those who are loved by Mana get a four-leaf grimoire so he is indeed a chosen one. His talent and learning skills is faster than Yuno. He is an expert Mana-Zone user. So he is someone who can give Asta a tough competition in near future.

Asta Vs Yuno: Who Will Win?
Asta gets the Black Clover Grimoire.

So, this was the complete analysis of Today’s topic. We will see you with more awesome articles very soon. Until then, Goodbye.

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