Ashton Meem Boyfriend: All About Russell Wilson’s Ex Wife

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Ashton Meem and Russel WIlson
Ashton Meem and Russel WIlson

Ashton Meem Boyfriend: Ashton Meem’s divorce from Russell Wilson shook the whole world. So, let’s take a look at Ashton Meem’s current boyfriend and dating history. Ashton garnered massive attention from the media after her separation from her former husband. Moreover, as Russell’s wife, she had tremendous popularity. Ashton grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and she completed her schooling at St. Catherine. Followed by her graduation from North Carolina State University. However, She graduated with a communications degree.

Moreover, Russell and Ashton met each other at a very young age, and their wedding took everyone by surprise. The duo married each other in January 2012. No matter where they are, the media never stopped itself and followed the newlyweds everywhere. Anyway, Ashton and Russell were under the media spotlight because of their marriage, and it stayed the same way. Well, it is pretty obvious, if a person is associated with a celebrity, they will gain immense popularity.

And that’s the exact case here. They finalized their separation in April 2014. It’s been seven years since they’ve separated, and Russell even moved on with his new wife, Ciara. They got married in July 2016, and now he’s the father of three beautiful children. Since then, Ashton has maintained a very low-key lifestyle. For now, it looks like she wants to stay away from her former husband’s limelight. So, what is the reason behind their divorce? In this article, we’ll tell you more about Ashton Meem’s boyfriend and her personal life.

Ashton Meem Boyfriend
Ashton Meem (left) and Russell Wilson (right)

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Ashton Meem Boyfriend

It seems Ashton is currently single. After her divorce from the Seattle Seahawks player, she disappeared from her public lifestyle. There’s no information about her since. Everything was working out with Russell at first. But as time moved on, things started taking a different turn, and their relationship hit a dead end. Because of the media’s interference, Russell made his situation pretty clear. Russell and Ashton were in a tough spot, and it was difficult for him to make this decision. So, he politely asked everyone to understand and respect their privacy.

As per his fans, their relationship was beautiful. So what exactly went wrong between these two? Since they were a pretty popular couple, their divorce gave rise to many speculations and doubts. Many believed that Ashton cheated on Russell with his teammate Golden Tate. So, it is believed that Russell understood the depth of this situation and went with the divorce. On the other hand, things became even more confusing after Tate spoke up on this problem. According to him, he had no connection with Russell’s wife, neither was he responsible for their divorce. Tate was very upset when this rumor started swirling around because this tainted his character.

Furthermore, nobody knows about the exact reason behind their separation. Another speculation spoke about Russell’s popularity. Since she belonged to a normal lifestyle, too much limelight would’ve been difficult for her to handle, and that’s another assumption. Ashton is currently trying to stay away from her past. Since then, she has been away from her social media handles. So, there’s no news about her recent dating life. Many people believe that she’s concentrating on her career for now because she never remarried. Even if she did, Ashton would never bring it out to the public.

Who Is Russell Wilson?

Russell Wilson is a professional American Football Quarterback. He’s one of the most prominent figures in the athletics industry. He represents the National Football League (NFL) with the Seattle Seahawks. Moreover, Russell grew up in Richmond, Virginia too. From a very young age, he had a deep interest in sports. So he started playing football from the age of four. His father and brother would make him practice effortlessly, and this, in turn, became pretty beneficial for him because he started his official football journey when he turned eleven.

As years passed by, he became pretty popular in his high school as a football player. As his experience increased, he started gaining different titles like All-District, All-Region, and All-State player. Followed by his official entry in the Seattle Seahawks in 2012. Everything was exceptional about him. But his height caused a lot of problems. He didn’t have the actual height required for a football player. So many teams rejected him in the introductory rounds. But despite everything, Russell was selected in the third round to represent Seattle Seahawks.

The moment he started playing football, everybody understood his potential, and they even looked forward to seeing more of his tactics and strategies in every game. And guess what? The Seattle Seahawks offered him a four-year agreement in 2015. This deal made him the second-highest NFL player in terms of wealth. He was offered an $87.6 million deal. In 2016, Russell was 17th in the NFL top 100 players and also bagged the title of Pro Bowl Offensive MVP. By the end of 2018, he reached the 11th position in the NFL top 100 players list. As of now, Russell signed another four-year contract with Seattle Seahawks for $140 million. This, in turn, made him the highest-paid NFL player of all time.

Ashton Meem Boyfriend
Russell Wilson (left) and Ciara Wilson (right)

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