Joon Hyuk’s Real Son Dies In ‘Artificial City’ Episode 15

Artificial City I Otakukart
Artificial City I Otakukart

Jae Hee is doing everything in her power to make her husband the next president. However, her own sister-in-law is plotting against her. She meets with the politician Jae Hee has made a deal with and tries to pit him against her. Another problem Jae Hee is facing in ‘Artificial City’ episode 15 is the revelation of Joon Hyuk’s illegitimate child. When Pil Sung finds out that his only grandchild is dead, he loses control over himself.

Later, Joo Yeon visits Jae Hee at her office and has a ruthless conversation with her. She tells her to know her place and behave accordingly, or else she will not go easy on her. When Jae Hee returns home, she finds Mr. Cho waiting for her. He tells her about the scheme that is being plotted against her husband, and she decides to deal with it herself.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

Till now, we have seen that Jae Hee finds a picture of Lee Seol and Joon Hyuk, and she asks her for an explanation. When Lee Seol tells her that she use to work as a hooker to pay her bills, Jae Hee couldn’t understand. She even tells her that she gave birth to a baby and put it up for adoption to get money. This shocks Jae Hee, and she apologizes for asking about it. Later, they reconcile their differences, and Jae Hee’s trust affirms towards Lee Seol. The next day, when Lee Seol is at the auditorium to check on the arrangement, Joon Hyuk tries to seduce her.

Jae Hee hears Lee Seol asking Joon Hyuk if he could leave his wife, but he does not respond to it. After this, tension builds up between Jae Hee and Lee Seol, and there are no warm feelings left. On the other hand, Pil Sung is planning to find his true grandson and bring him home. Finally, the day arrives when Joon Hyuk has to host his talk concert. He and Lee Seol does a good job, and everyone could feel their chemistry. Even though Jae Hee is annoyed by this fact, she claps to support her husband.

Joon Hyuk's talk concert
Joon Hyuk’s talk concert

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Joon Hyuk’s Son Is Dead

As Pil Sung is digging deep to find his grandchild, he discovers that his true heir is dead in reality. He bursts into tears while telling Joon Hyuk about this. However, this does not seem to affect Joon Hyuk, and he tells his father to never talk about this again. He refuses to accept a random woman’s child as his. Also, a woman who he bedded in the past is of no significance to him. This shocks Pil Sung to his core, and he is not able to say anything after this. The one thing that no one knows is that Han Suk and Jae Hee have a hand in the child’s death.

What To Expect In The Upcoming Episode?

Joo Yeon is planning to stop Joon Hyuk from running for president. She makes a deal with a bureaucrat who is promised a position as the director of CIO by Jae Hee. Joo Yeon suggests he make a deal with her instead and run for the president himself. However, she does not intend to ruin Joon Hyuk’s whole career. Pil Sung finds his grandson’s grave and mourns him. Joon Hyuk does not want to show his grief, but Jae Hee is well aware of it. Will Pil Sung tell Joon Hyuk that Hyun Woo is not his child?

Artificial City villain
Artificial City villain

‘Artificial City’ Episode 15 Release Date

The ‘Artificial City’ episode 15 release date is 26th January 2022. Dong-Min confronts Lee Seol, and she tells him that she wants to protect Jae Hee. She even assures him that she will leave once Jae Hee divorces Joon Hyuk. However, this does not clarify her intentions. Then she confesses that she is here to expose Joon Hyuk, but her first priority is protecting Jae Hee. The biggest revelation in ‘Artificial City’ episode 15 is that Hyun Woo is Lee Seol’s son, and no one knows it but Han Suk and her secretary.

Where To Watch ‘Artificial City’ Episode 15

The South Korean series ‘Artificial City’ is a television series broadcast by the jTBC channel. People living in South Korea can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘Artificial City’ on the official network. As for the international fans, they can watch the ‘Artificial city’ episode 15 on the subscription-based website Rakuten Viki.

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