Arrow Season 7: New Poster, Release Date, Cast, Updates

In the last season of Arrow, Oliver Queen was seen walking down to his prison cell while receiving some violent treatment from the criminals. Now that everyone knows that he is the Green Arrow, it will get only worse for him to be inside the prison. In Arrow Season 7, we will see how Oliver Queen will try to survive.

Arrow Season 7 New Poster Released

Prison can do anything to even the most strong-willed person. Oliver Queen is not an exception, even though he is the famous Green Arrow. It will only get worse because the public now knows who he is. All the criminals he sent behind bars will be coming at him at full swing for vengeance.

In the new season 7 poster that was released on Facebook by Stephen Amell, a stressed looking Oliver Queen is donning his prison uniform with various wounds decorating his entire face. Amell captioned his post with “This fall, Green Is The New Black;” this is a little nod to Netflix’ popular show¬†Orange Is The New Black.

Arrow Season 7

This season is looking like it will be centered Oliver Queen’s stay in prison. And with a lot of people trying to kill him inside, surviving inside would be a hard task. And on top of that, Ricardo Diaz is still alive and can do anything to influence Oliver’s situation inside. It’s really a matter of time before he will start his next move, especially at this time when the Green Arrow is busy surviving inside the prison.

Arrow Season 7 Release Date And Cast

The show is slated to make a return on October 15 this year. It is expected that those characters who were alive from the last season will all come back for this next season. There might be a lot of recurring characters, especially those criminals that want to get revenge inside the prison. However, we might not see Paul Blackthorne with his character Quentin because he died last season.

Arrow Season 7

Episode titles for the first three episodes were revealed, and the first one is “Inmate 4857” which will air on October 15. The second episode is titled “The Longbow Hunters” which will air on October 22. The third episode is titled “Crossing Lines” which will air on October 29, 2018.

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