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ARMY’s Reaction To BTS Comeback 2022 Announcement – Excitement Knows No Boundaries

ARMY Reaction To BTS Comeback 2022

Finally, the longest drought has ended with BTS comeback news. However, the most impressive part is ARMY’s reaction to BTS’s comeback in 2022. Only a few days ago, BTS finished their ‘Permission To Dance on Stage – Las Vegas’ concerts. While preparing for the show, some members had to face some difficulties. For instance, maknae Jeon Jungkook and rapper Jung Hoseok tested positive for COVID-19. Meanwhile, the eldest member, Kim Seokjin, underwent finger surgery. Despite all challenges, all members gave their best shot for their fans during Grammy Awards Night 2022 and the concert days.

After giving four memorable concert days, BTS surprised their fans with the comeback news. On the last day of the concert, leader RM talked about the ending of the Permission To Dance Era, which created an uproar among fans. It was also a hint of their upcoming return. RM requested fans to wait until the end, and ultimately fans got the fruit of their waiting in the form of ‘We Are Bulletproof 2022.’ BTS announced that they would make a comeback on 10 June 2022. Thus, witnessing such a beautiful moment in front of their eyes, AMRY shouted in nothing but excitement for BTS’s return!

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ARMY’s Reaction To BTS Comeback 2022 Announcement – Excitement Knows No Boundaries

ARMY has given various reactions to BTS Comeback 2022 ‘We Are Bulletproof.’ Some fans are overexcited, while the others are already anxiously waiting for their next album release. Not to forget, fans are also coming up with different and very unique theories regarding ‘We Are Bulletproof.’ In short, ARMY’s reaction to BTS comeback 2022 is a mixture of all emotions such as joy, anxiety, anticipation, excitement, etc. Therefore, we have picked some of the iconic reactions that would show how much the ARMY is eagerly waiting for their beloved seven stars of Bangtan Sonyeondan!

ARMY's Reaction To BTS Comeback 2022


‘The Kings’ Are Back

‘The kings are back’ is the first reaction ARMY showed when BTS announced their upcoming comeback news and release date! Finally, fans have survived one of the longest BTS album droughts. With the news out, Bangtan Supremacy has returned as fans are overexcited for the new ‘We Are Bulleproof’ ERA!

Louder Than Bombs Is AMRY’s Joy

As soon as BTS made the 2022 comeback announcement, the first thing that filled the whole Allegiant Stadium was the loudest screaming filled with joy from ARMY. There is no word that could describe the fans’ excitement after knowing their seven stars would be making a comeback soon. All you could hear were cheers full of happiness, excitement, and anticipation!

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ARMY Excited To Break All Records

With their growing love for BTS, ARMY is ready to set their hearts on fire to show their support for the seven boys. For all seven members, fans are in full form, so they can break all records for BTS, be it Billboard, Melon Chart, YouTube Chart, etc. After all, why not? BTS deserves every little happiness in the world, and ARMY is ready to bring it to them.

Counting Days Has Become The First Priority

After the BTS comeback announcement, the first and utmost priority is counting the days until the release date. ARMY has already survived 500 days without a BTS comeback. Therefore, counting days brings a relief knowing one of the biggest comebacks of the Kpop industry is on the way!

Unit Theory For ‘We Are Bulletproof’

Another exciting thing is the unit we may have in the upcoming BTS comeback of 2022! Therefore, fans are coming up with various theories. One of them is related to the members’ Instagram profiles and Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa (HYYH) posters. For instance, the first unit may be Kim Namjoon, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook (black and white poster color). The second unit would be Kim Seokjin and Min Yoongi (blue color poster). Lastly, the third unit may be Jung Hoseok and Park Jimin (orange color poster). Is it really possible that this fans’ theory will turn into reality? Or will it remain as a theory?

‘S’ Stands For Sleeping Or Streaming?

We all know that ARMY’s reaction to BTS’s comeback in 2022 is nothing but pure joy. The fans will also tear up between sleeping and streaming. Soon, war will break on the internet as all ARMY will be ready to stream BTS’s upcoming album while sacrificing their sleep. It shows how much the ARMY adore these seven beautiful souls who have stolen their hearts! Therefore, mark the date ‘2022.06.10’ and get ready to be a part of the new BTS Era!

Here, check out BTS ‘WE ARE BULLETPROOF’ 2022.06.10-

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