ARK Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2: When is it Coming Out?

What To Expect From Gensis Part 2
From The Teaser Of ARK Survival Evovled's Genesis Part 2

After several delays and waiting to see, ARK: Survival Evolved is finally coming up with Genesis Part 2. Thus, completing the storyline of the game, which has transitioned since 2017. Studio Wildcard introduced the game featuring players as survivors on a stranded island. It can be either played from a first-person perspective or a third-person perspective in an open world. Hoping to survive several threats and secrets revolving around the island. The survivors have to get through them to get out from there safely. The threats range from dinosaurs to natural hazards and calamities. Lastly and most importantly, other humans hostile who might not found you beneficial for them on the island. You will need to cultivate your survival skills taking aid from all the facilities as well as casualties the game offers to get out safely.

ARK: Survival Evolved’s Genesis Part 2 is considered to be the Studio’s most articulate and passionate project. The DLC already met with few delays. So the fans are quite adamant, and even Studio Wildcard promises to compensate for the wait. There is a new approach to gameplay and a more detailed storyline for the end. Furthermore, new creatures and threats which you might not have seen before. Lastly, to fight these new creatures, you are also gifted with new weapons and tools. Plus, new robots you can use to pilot through the dangers you face on the island. Here we are breaking down everything we know about the second part of Genesis piece by piece.

Genesis Part 2 Release Date – When Is It Coming Out?

Ark: Survival Evolved’s Genesis Part 2 is releasing on June 3rd, 2021, at 8 am Eastern. Originally, it was supposed to release yesterday, but there was a delay. Due to the automated certification process, the company waited and took Twitter to announce the delay. Initially, there was a 2-hour difference between the release on PC and other consoles such as Playstation and Xbox. We are expecting the same, or it could come together depending on the release. In case there is a change in release time again on any of the platforms, the official Twitter handle of ARK may respond, and even we will get back to you for that.

Genesis Part 2 – What To Expect?

Studio Wildcard had already hinted at what we can expect from Genesis Part 2 way back while also replying to the delays it faced. The studio called the new update the most ambitious expansion out there. There is a lot of passion, creativity, and hardworking involved in this fifth and final DLC that will conclude the game’s story. The creators believe the final DLC is special and serves as a fitting end to the saga they have carried on for the past six years. Talking about the delay, they decided that June to be the month of the release as it also marks the game’s sixth anniversary. It a difficult delay decision, but they hope the update will serve great and worth waiting for all the players out there.

Everything We Know Of Genesis Part 2
From The Teaser Of ARK Survival Evolved’s Genesis Part 2

Talking about the new features for Genesis Part 2, it teases the exploration of exotic words with a battle for survival. ARK Genesis Part 2 is more of a story-oriented update where your skills are required to be at the fullest. There is a strange companion who will be joining you on a journey. Many rigorous missions which you can overcome by fighting, building, and taming. Lastly, exploring the hidden secrets behind the new forbidding place is the only way to complete the game. Furthermore, the villain in the game Rockwell teases the absence between the boundary of biological and technological beings. So expect new creatures joining the game as well.

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Genesis Part 2 – New Features To Expect

One of the first features to join the game is the Exo-Mek. A giant robot that players can use to pilot over ARK. Joining Exo-Mek is another robot called Stryder. You can use Stryder for harvesting or battling. It will heavily depend on the parts you choose to build it with an aim in the mind. A space dolphin called Astrodelphis joins the game with a saddle where you can carry thrusters and lasers along. You can now protect your infant creatures and lure the other creatures away with the use of Maewing. A mind-controlling creature called Noglin joins the game as well. Noglin can control the minds of other players and creatures in the game. Shadowmane becomes the new feature players can use multiple targets by teleporting themselves.

New Additions Done To Genesis Part 2
From The Teaser Of ARK Survival Evolved’s Genesis Part 2

Another new creature joining Genesis Part 2 is Summoner. A mysterious one for sure cause not much about it has been discussed or informed by Studio Wildcard. All we know is you can find it patrolling the new Rockwell biome. Voidwyrm is another challenging dragon-like creature joining the game. Lastly, there are new tools and weapons being added to the game. These include Minigun, Net Projectile, Tek Bow, Tek Pistol, Egg Incubators, Canoes, Hoversails, and Security Systems.

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