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Are You Being Pocketed? All To Know About This Toxic Dating Trend

Are you being pocketed in your relationship? This toxic dating trend has always been pretty much on-the-top but lately doing rounds. What does it mean? Do you remember Priyanka Chopra speaking about keeping her relationships private? Well, maintaining the privacy and hiding your relationship is different. Pocketing is more like dating someone in secret and not letting the outer world know about it. That’s bad! Or, in other words, we may say that being pocketed means you are being kept inside the pocket to be hidden from others. It’s pretty much toxic in a relationship. If the person you are in love with can’t be open about you and instead pockets you, then what’s the point?

If you are being pocketed in your relationship, there can be various reasons behind that. Also, there are certain things that you must try to look for, or at least do if you are being pocketed. Let’s dig into this piece to learn the details of this toxic dating trend, pocketing.

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Pocketing: The Toxic Dating Trend

There are several reasons why you can be pocketed in your relationship.

• Your love interest may be seeing someone else at the same time.

• Your partner may still be stuck with his or her ex. The relationship must be complicated, and they are unsure if they want to patch things up in the future. That’s when they engage in pocketing someone for another start and may be willing to keep it casual.

Are you getting pocketed?

Are you getting pocketed?

Signs Of Being Pocketed

• The other person doesn’t discuss or share anything with you. Even when you want to share something, they appear to be least interested and dodge it.

• They are not willing to meet you very often. Even if they do, then the place should be the one where they don’t go at all.

What To Do? Should You Be Concerned?

In case your partner is a very private person and doesn’t usually socialize much, then you shouldn’t be worried about it. It’s their nature to keep things private and aren’t engaged in pocketing. However, if you think that you are the only one about whom your love interest isn’t that open to other people, then it’s high time to understand that you are getting pocketed for sure. People usually get engaged in it only when they don’t want it for the long run. In that case, you should talk to the person about what’s wrong. If you don’t get any proper answer or a good solution that would fit your relationship, then you should step back. Pocketing someone in a relationship is something that is not worth it in the long haul. Everyone deserves love!

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