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Are YG Artists Blackpink and BIGBANG Joining Weverse?

updates on joining weverse by blackpink members
Are YG Artists Blackpink and BIGBANG joining Weverse

Are YG Artists Blackpink and BIGBANG joining Weverse? is arising much confusion amongst the fans of the k-pop idol groups.  Many reports regarding the same have recently been circulating around on social media. So before we get any deep into the topic, let us understand what is Weverse and why it is such a big topic for the fans of the groups.

Also, we will begin with a short introduction to these groups and their agencies as well. So let’s get deep into the topic and understand what is Weverse. It is a South Korean mobile app and platform created to make the communication between the fans and the stars much and convenient. The platform was created by the hybe corporation. The platform is extremely common and famous in South Korea.

YG Artists Blackpink and BIGBANG

Bigbang and Blackpink

Are YG Artists Blackpink and BIGBANG joining Weverse

BIGBANG and Blackpink are under YG entertainment. Both the k-pop groups are huge and hold one of the maximum fan following in the entire industry. Both the groups over the years have highly contributed to the growth and profit of the company. They have been the most important as well as a consistent contributor to the growth of the company. So as soon as the news breaks about the YG entertainment, the two bands automatically get indulged in it. Big Bang or BIGBANG is one of the most important and most famous South Korean boy bands of k-pop and is also termed as the kings of k-pop. Meanwhile, Blackpink has already made history with its constant success one after the another and rules on the hearts of millions. They are one of the most famous girl groups. And have attained huge stardom in a very less amount of time.

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Are YG Artists Blackpink and BIGBANG joining Weverse?

balcpink on joining weverse

K-POP girl group Blackpink

Weverse was created by Hybe’s subsidiary Weverse Company. And was also reportedly seen to be rising in the number of users of the application on an average day. The application has millions of users using the app every day. Since many famous and big k-pop bands are on it. The platform is used by k-pop boy band BTS along with several other k-pop groups as well. So, after the news breaks about Blackpink and Bigbang joining the platform, the fans are filled in with mixed reactions all over. Much recently, fans were demanding more strict policies on the communication platform. The news has been circulating for a while now that YG entertainment may join Weverse.

The fans suddenly started speculating it on the most famous brands of the agency that is on Blackpink and BIGBANG. So fans started expecting the famous k-pop bands to be on the platform soon. Though, as of now, nothing has been confirmed, and these are all just assumptions made by the fans mostly. Reports also suggest that YG entertainment may join the platform in the second half of the year. Moreover, why are suddenly YG artists planning on joining Weverse is something that is a bit confusing to the fans and to us as well. So a possible reason for that could be that big Hit and its label BNX is already planning to invest in the YG subsidiary, YG PLUS, and hence this actually makes sense that the most famous bands of YG entertainment can actually join the Weverse platform.

BIGBANG updates on joining weverse

K-pop boys band BIGBANG

Now there is a possibility that the Blackpink members, along with the band BIGBANG can join the platform very soon. Though the news is a bit comforting for the fans of the band, yet somethings are to be taken into consideration. Keeping the view that this platform and opportunity of artist and fan connect can also be misused by many. The anti-fans or the regular trouble makers might actually use it against the artists and create chaos on the platform. So the fans are hence demanding strict ground rules before the YG members actually join weverse.

This concern of the fans comes in from the point of view that in the initial days, Weverse was fully an exclusive BTS and TXT fan interaction platform. And that just the Hybe artists were on it but slowly many other bands and groups also joined the platform. Yet just to ensure the full safety of the artists and their favorite bands, a strict policy is being demanded by them. Any new update on the same will be shared here till then stay tuned.

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