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Are Shakira And Pique On The Verge Of A Split?

Shakira and Gerard Pique Split
Shakira and Gerard Pique Split

The romance is over between the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer and the FC Barcelona footballer. Shakira and Gerard Pique split after 12 years of marriage following marital infidelity on behalf of the Barça player. Colombian singer and the Spanish footballer fell in love after meeting each other in the South Africa 2010 Football Cup and have been inseparable ever since. But that came to a stop after Pique cheated on her.

Pique was seen by the press moving lots of things out of their home. And other sources report that the FC Barcelona star is now going out to the Barcelona city nightclubs more often than he used to with his buddies. Come with us, and let’s check out the details of how this affair came to be.

Shakira and Gerard Pique Split

Pique, Shakira with Milan and Sasha

Shakira And Gerard Pique Split

As if things are not heated enough from the relentless gossip press in Spain, Shakira’s social media accounts haven’t featured Gerard Pique in quite some time. Furthermore, the Colombian singer’s accounts —once rife with family pictures— now only feature her. Their last photo together on IG dates all the way back to early March.

If Shakira, 45, and Pique, 35, split up, the once happy marriage now has to co-parent two children, Milan and Sasha. The once-happy power couple that even shared the same birthday seems to be a thing of the past. As stated earlier, press reports claim to have seen Gerard Pique haul away his stuff from his house with Shakira. Now he’s seen at his Muntaner property over the course of last week.

Did Gerard Pique Cheat On Shakira?

Apparently, Pique was caught redhanded by the Pies Descalzos singer with another woman. Furthermore, the woman is in her twenties, a natural blonde from Barcelona who works as a hostess. Moreover, Pique was seen with this girl a few times, and Shakira got wind of it. So, that’s the reason why this power couple’s dream marriage came crumbling down.

Is Shakira Divorcing Pique?

Right now, it’s too soon to tell. Firstly, the couple is in the middle of a painful marital crisis that will put them under a lot of strain. After twelve years of marriage, two kids, and lots of vested interests in common, a divorce process would be painful and costly. Moreover, Shakira is keeping things on a tight lid, not being seen in public even for picking up their kids at school.

And for the summer holidays, Shakira took the kids to Ibiza with her parents, and Gerard Pique was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Pique has become quite the party animal in Barcelona’s wild night scene. Reports of the footballer kicking it with his buddies at the poshest discotheques and bars of the city are abundant.

Fans Of Shakira Express Disdain For Pique On Social Media

Social media hasn’t been away from this affair as the scandal came to light. Shakira fans expressed their disdain for Pique on several social media platforms, asking a simple question: “Who the hell cheats on Shakira?” Well, if anyone cheats on Shakira, it’s her current husband or soon-to-be ex-husband Gerard Pique.

Did Shakira Pull Out A Diss Track For Pique?

Some people online claim that Shakira’s latest single with Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro titled “te felicito” (I congratulate you) is nothing more than a diss track dedicated to Gerard Pique for his marital infidelity. The song, available on Spotify, talks about a spiteful relationship. And maybe, just maybe, it was a message for the FC Barcelona defender concerning his marital infidelity. Here’s the video if you want to check it out.

Regardless of what you think of Shakira or Gerard Pique, this is a painful moment for both of them as there are children involved in this conflict. It’s perfectly understandable if they have taken the time to have some privacy and let their public relations team handle their comms profiles. For us, we’ll keep you posted if we hear any new stuff on this. We are signing off wishing these two talented people very well. Thanks for reading our post, check out our main page, and see you soon!

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