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Are Rollins and Carisi Together, Is SVU Sensation in a bond?

Are Rollins and Carisi together? A question that is going around the internet nowadays. A television series never fails to attract and entertain people. Also, if it is a series with some detective minds, it barely gets disagreements. One such American crime drama television series is Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. This engaging drama series has two special characters who are now an important part of gossips. They are Dominick “Sonny” Carisi Jr and Amanda Rollins. People have just one question in their minds; are Rollins and Carisi together?

The series is highly on-demand that is the reason for its existence since 1999. The show was launched on 20th September 1999. However, people love its unique ideas and the thrill, suspense it has. Also, the show became the longest-running primetime U.S. live-action series. Further, SVU is creating history as it is still in existence. Recently, the 22nd season of the series was launched, and the 23rd is on the way. Moreover, most probably, the 23rd season will be launching by the end of September. Viewers are eagerly waiting for the upcoming season as the series makers left the fans in suspense. The suspense is asking the only question that is; are Rollins and Carisi together?

The makers showed a bond between the most famous detective characters of the show. Rollins and Carisi kissed each other in the end. Therefore, this article will give the most awaited answer to the question, “are Rollins and Carisi together?”

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Are Rollins and Carisi together?

As everyone knows that the series is running for two decades, but the two characters started working together in season 16. Since then, the series was teasing some kind of mysterious bond between the duo. Also, both the characters were having a cute yet teasing love chemistry for the last few years, but the viewers were still confused. But, now, as the duo smooched at the end of the last season, it may be that in the next season, we are going to see both of them in a beautiful relationship.

However, their story is a bit complicated because they started as partners and felt something for each other but were unable to express it perfectly. As a result, both had relationships with other people too but can’t express their feelings to each other. Amanda Rollins also had kids with her ex. However, Carisi was always there to support Rollins.

Rollins and Carisi

Rollins and Carisi

Who Plays the Roles of the Duo?

Kelli Giddish plays the role of Amanda Rollins in the American television series; Law & Order: SVU. Amanda Rollins is a fictional character who is an NYPD detective in the aforementioned – crime-drama television series. Kelli is an actress who already worked in television series, on stage and she even got some films. She is a great actor, and her fans love her because of her good attitude and, of course, her acting. Furthermore, she was born in 1980 in Cumming, Georgia, United States. She completed her studies at the University of Evansville, and currently, she is one of the charms of the famous American series.

Peter Scanavino plays the role of Dominick  “Sonny” Carisi Jr., and he has proved his adorable acting skills. The great actor was born on 29th February 1980. Further, he was born in Denver, Colorado, United States. He has a sibling too. The name of the sibling is David Scanvino. The good actor is a dad of 3 sons and a good partner in the real-life, His partner in real life is Lisha Bai. Moreover, Charisi is active in the industry since 2005. The hardworking man made his space in the longest-running television series that is Law & Order: SVU. He plays the role of a detective in the series, and he is gaining a lot of popularity in this.

Rollins and Carisi

Rollins and Carisi

Therefore, Rollins and Carisi may appear in a relationship in the next season. The chances are very high because both the characters are in our house.

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