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Are Rhonda and Ketut Together In Real Life? Everything To Know

Are Rhonda and Ketut Together In Real Life?

Are Rhonda and Ketut together in real life? Well, Rhonda and Ketut are the most popular fictional couple in Australia. Mandy McElhinney played Rhonda, and Kadek Mahardik, who played Ketut, has been popular for an AMII insurance commercial for a decade. Insurance companies create a series of advertisements that focus on their relationship. AMII starts its “Safe Driver Program” with Rhonda as the protagonist. Launched in 2012, the ad promoted “safe driver” while Rhonda was relaxing on a beach in Bali.

The ad is a funny AMII advertising campaign and features the love story of Rhonda and Ketut. The commercial started when Rhonda, Mandy McElhinney, was seen vacationing on the coast of Bali, where she met Ketut, Kadek Mahardika from Bali. This is where their love story begins, and the advertisement presents the series from the next part of their lives. Australia’s beloved TV couple Rhonda and Ketut are back after almost a decade. The couple soon became known after their first advertisement for AAMI insurance. Most fans are curious to see if Rhonda and Ketut are still together. Read on to learn more about the relationship between Rhonda and Ketut.

Are Rhonda and Ketut Together In Real Life?

No, Rhonda and Ketut are not together in real life. Both enjoy their separate private lives. In real life, Mandy, who played the role of Rhonda, and Kadek, who played the role of Ketut for an AMII insurance commercial, have been doing quite well in their respective careers. Mandy, also known as Rhonda, had got married to her fiancé Carlo on the spot in Medetaranian. Kadek, also known as Ketut, married his four-year-girlfriend Laura Jack in Bali and had children together.

The two of them became Australia’s favorite couple, and everyone loved the advertisement in which they both were featured. AMII Insurance’s advertisement was ended in 2014. A decade later, AMII Insurance is bringing back the iconic couple for another awareness campaign running the “Vax Up Australia” campaign. It has been proven that Rhonda and Ketut are still together with babies and are living happy life together. Ketut, at first, slowly shows another character, Rhonda, with her newborn baby on a video call confirming the Australian woman.

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About Mandy McElhinney

McElhinney first saw the world in Perth, Western Australia to her parents Rosemary and Andrew. She was brought up in Leeman. She has a younger sister named Hailey, who is also an actress. The two took acting and dancing classes as teenagers. McElhinney was abused about her red hair as a child, so she became a classy clown who made people laugh. Her “stupid” personification as a child somehow gives her the desire to entertain. McElhinney went to Stella Maris Presentation situated in Geraldton, and presently it is named Nagle Catholic College.

Are Rhonda and Ketut Together In Real Life?

McElhinney’s estimated net worth is $5 million. Mandy, who grossed $5 million in net worth, made most of her career on TV Life. Although she has exaggerated the size of her business over the years, the cash she puts out from her profession is enough to be dubbed one of the biggest celebrity payouts of all time. Her main source of income usually comes from her successful acting. The Australian actress Mandy McElhinney is best known for playing the character of Rhonda in the commercial ad of AAMI insurance. She had also made her appearance in the sketch comedy television series Comedy Inc. from 2003 to 2006. She appeared as Gina Reinhart in the TV film The House of Hancock with Sam Neil in 2015.

About Kadek Mahardika:

The 31 years old actor Kadek Mahardika is best known for his role as Ketut in the advertisement of AAMI insurance. Her wife’s name is Laura Jack, who is 25 years old, had welcomed their second child together. The actor and his wife started talking about life with their newborn baby on this week’s issue of Women’s Day, explaining that their son is named “baby” in the first few days of his life. The promising parents decide to keep the name of their baby as Lenny Adiasa Mahardika after Kedek’s wife Laura wins a game of rock, paper, and scissors. Kadek is every inch of the ready-made father, and his wife only knows that how much he comforted her during the birth of their second child.Are Rhonda and Ketut Together In Real Life?

Laura, in a publication, said that it looks like he was in the AFL grand final when she was in her labor pain because he gave her so much applause and encouragement. The couple is also parents to a three-year-old daughter, Mila, and also has an eight-year-old son, RJ, from a previous relationship. The couple, who met five years ago at a friend’s wedding, married last year in a stunning ceremony on a beach in Bali. He is popular for playing the character of Ketut in the commercials of AAMI insurance. But at present, he works as an administrator at a construction site in Melbourne, where his family resides.

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