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Are Marvin And Melinda Still Together or Too Hot To Handle Stars Have Broken Up?

Did Marvin and Melinda breakup
Did Marvin and Melinda breakup

Marvin and Melinda, the winner of Too Hot To Handle season 2, won the show in ways more than one. Not only did the couple win the prize money, but they also snagged it despite not following the rule all that devoutly. Steaming up the atmosphere and giving other couples’ dynamics a run for their money, they seemed perfect. However, not everything was all sunshine and rainbows betwixt these two hot birds. There were a couple of red flags that we saw getting raised early on in the show. And Marvin was especially the one frequently raising them. After the season came to an end, fans took to the internet and donned detective hats. We shall analyze the crucial information that the fans dug about Marvin’s history with dating shows. The seemingly perfect couple didn’t sail as smoothly as they did on the show.

Marvin and Melinda were all the talk of the town during Too Hot To Handle season 2. The undeniable chemistry and mutual understanding of the game helped them with their eventual win. The couple was also a smart one. They broke the big rule about sexual intimacy one too many times but still won the season. However, the relationship didn’t pan out outside the show. It turns out, another celebrity couple from a reality show didn’t end up entertaining a long-term relationship. There’s nothing to surprise anyone with here. However, there are some intriguing details about Marvin and his previous reality TV show endeavors. That, and the central issue of him pulling the plug on the relationship with Melinda. Well, the post-show fractures in the relationship seem to stem from an argument.

Melinda and Marvin too hot to handle

Marvin and Melinda won the Too Hot To Handle season 2.

Why Did Marvin And Melinda Break Up?

So what happened? Are they still together after the show? If not, why did Marvin and Melinda break up? Let’s try and find out answers to all that and more. Melinda has recently opened up about what led to the break-up with Marvin. She shed some light on what transpired between them and how Marvin essentially hit the last nail on the coffin.

Marvin talked about the breakup at the season 2 reunion. He said he and Melinda were supposed to meet in Tulum, in Mexico. He booked his flight, and then they had a fight, he went on to add. He said that the fight eventually led to him not going to Mexico at all. However, Melinda was quick to add that he didn’t just “not go” but entirely stopped being in contact with her. She then went on to explain what transpired in detail.

She said that she had planned things for Mexico and she had booked an Airbnb. Melinda then added that even though they got into an argument, later on, Marvin could easily still come. “But he decided to cancel his whole flight,” she went on to detail. She then went on to explain that Marvin kept ignoring her text messages on the day he was supposed to go there. “I was left in the dark, I was pissed, and then he goes to Mexico a month later,” she explained.

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Marvin And Melinda Break Up: Where Are They Now?

Now that the relationship is over, it seems Marvin is feeling rather salty at Melinda and Peter’s relationship. He had left a “Good job buddy” comment on Peter’s Instagram post confirming his relationship with Melinda. However, he has since unfollowed both of them on social media. He also had an Instagram live recently. The fans had asked him if he still had feelings for his former flame. However, Marvin chose to refuse to answer any questions regarding that. His dismissiveness of all the questions was very much similar to the kind of behavior he displayed in the show. Early on in Too Hot To Handle, he would start ignoring Melinda over small things.

Melinda and Peter Dating

Melinda is now in a relationship with Too Hot To Handle co-star Peter.

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Marvin Is A Reality TV Veteran At This Point

Well, as it turns out, Too Hot To Handle wasn’t the first reality TV rodeo for Marvin Anthony. When fans took to the internet to dig some information about Marvin’s past endeavors, a couple of interesting discoveries unraveled. Marvin has been on four other reality shows before Too Hot To Handle. And that’s just the past year’s count alone! He was in France’s version of Love Island back at the start of 2020. The pandemic led to the show’s abrupt ending.

He went on to appear in “Les Marseillais vs. le Reste du monde,” a show wherein people from Marseillais were pitted against another group from all over the world. He then hopped on to another one, called “Les Princes de l’Amour.” In that show, he donned the hat of a “prince” with various suitors. Marvin has been making bank hopping from one reality show to another. This certainly puts his loyalty and commitment to a relationship in a dubious light.

Does Marvin Anthony Have Kids?

After the scoop on what led Melinda and Marvin to break up came out, fans searched up a lot of things about Marvin. One of the top searches related to the reality TV veteran is “Marvin Anthony Kids.” There have been several rumors flying around the internet that Marvin has a total of four kids from different women. So how grounded in reality are these rumors? Well, as things stand now, these rumors are very much unfounded. There has been neither a piece of good evidence nor a confirmation regarding said rumors. A lot of it originated from a tweet with a screenshot of an article. But the legitimacy of said “evidence” has been dubious at best. Suffice it to say, Marvin’s kids remain to be nothing more than rumors at this point. However, there’s a sufficient amount of other factors that led to Marvin and Melinda break up.

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