Are Love and Theo from Netflix’s You dating in real Life?

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Love and Theo from Netflix's You

Want to know more about Love and Theo from Netflix’s You? Netflix just dropped the brand new third season of the hit thriller series You, and let’s just say there’s a lot of bloodsheds this time! However, while Love’s obsession can be a bit too much for fans, it seems like the actress has a new man in her life! Fans must be surprised to know that it is someone from the show itself! The third season is already making a buzz for being one of the most notorious seasons, and there’s more to it, it seems!

We are talking about Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold, who play the role of Love Quinn and Theo Engler, respectively. Victoria and Dylan play the role of Love and Theo respectively in the much-awaited third season of the hit Netflix series You. As Joe soon starts to fixate on yet another woman, Love and Theo are shown to start a sexual relationship that takes a dark turn in the show. Not to forget how Love kills Theo’s stepmother Natalie for flirting with her husband, Joe! Let us take a look at all the lesser-known details about Love and Theo from Netflix’s You.

Are Love and Theo from Netflix’s You dating in real life?

While there has been no official confirmation by neither of the two stars, rumors have it that the on-screen couple who started an illicit relationship in the third season might be dating in real life as well! Contrary to their wide age gap in the show, Dylan is one year older than Victoria in reality! The two have reportedly been seeing each other in real life, and fans are pretty psyched!

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Love and Theo from Netflix's You
Still from You

As Dylan Arnold played the role of a college student and the son of the Quinn-Goldbergs’ neighbor, Matthew. Mathew was the owner of a successful tech company. As the plot takes a sinister turn, Theo is soon drawn to Love, and the two get involved in an entanglement. It seems like despite Love being mentally deranged, fans do find something unique about her. Now, we have Dylan Arnold on the list!

Know More About The Alleged Couple: Dylan Arnold And Victoria Pedretti

Dylan Arnold is one of the newest addition to the show as he played the role of Theo on You season 3. However, fans have earlier seen the young actor in the Halloween film franchise, and he also played the role of Noah. Victoria Pedretti has also starred in other Netflix shows, including The Haunting Of Hill House and The Haunting Of Bly Manor. Take a look at this social media post, as the page also seems to root for the alleged new couple in town! Fans sure are excited to know more about these two!

The You star recalled doing a chemistry read with Penn Badgley and described it like going through a tornado! The actress was pretty much convinced that it did not turn out as planned while coming out. The cast and crew further revealed that there were significant rewrites throughout the third season to try. These scenes were negotiated several times also as to accommodate a lot of people.

Did Victoria Pedretti Audition For The Role Of Beck?

Believe it or not but fans would have seen someone else play the role of Guinevere Beck in the first season of You. Series star Victoria Pedretti revealed that she auditioned for Beck during her first time while she was in LA! Honestly, we are glad as no one could have been a better Love Quinn for fans! While Beck had her quirks, Love Quinn sure does matches Joe’s crazy!

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Love and Theo from Netflix's You
Still from You

Not only that but Pedretti actually got pretty far in the audition process, and it was the furthest the actress had ever gotten in an audition process. However, while she did not get the role of Beck, Victoria Pedretti went on to take on the role of Nell on the Netflix horror-thriller show The Haunting of Hill House. Her meticulous acting gained huge applause from viewers.

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