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Are Loba and Valkyrie Together in Apex Legends? What We Know

Apex Legends is a hero shooter and squad-based online game, developed by Respawn Entertainment. It is for Xbox One, Play Station 4, and Microsoft Windows. Apex Legends Mobile will be released by 2022. The game has two modes – ‘Battle Royale’ and ‘The Arenas’. The entertainment company started working on the game around 2016. The game’s release in 2019 was very surprising for the fans. The game has been coming forward with a lot of openness between the characters. Especially Valkyrie, who’s attracted to Loba. Fans are looking forward to knowing whether Loba and Valkyrie are together or not or are they just battle mates. Apex Legends received a lot of fame from the players for its progressive elements, different genres, and gameplay. It surpassed 25 million players by the first week and 50 million in the following month.

Apex Legends is a competitive battle game among the others. Around April 2021, it had more than 90 million players. It includes non-verbal communication also known as the ‘Ping System’ which allows players to have conversations with their squad and also to understand certain strategies and weapon locations. It includes many functions from their previous Titanfall games like climbing short walls, sliding down through surfaces, and traveling quickly from an area. Apart from this, the characters and their relationship quickly change from playmates to something very different.

Loba and Bangalore

Loba is a world-class thief with strong translocating abilities. She’s got the knack to get out of any dangerous situation. Her abilities are strange and even though she’s not the strongest, her powers can be destructive and game-changing if used accordingly. She was introduced in Season 5 and she uses her power to get high-quality loot for her team members. Loba’s passive eye is a special tool that enables everyone to see the loot and retrieve them from a safe place. Bangalore is a legend, unlocked and free in the base game. She’s an offensive player with area denial capabilities. Her abilities help her to sprint 30% faster.

Bangalore uses a smoke launcher that can explode into 3 grenades, it won’t kill anyone but it will baffle her enemies. Bangalore’s full of her military persona, she’s opening up to Loba and their bond is easily seen through their in-game interactions. There are possibilities of love between these three women of color. The beauty of Apex Legends is that they bring out people together from different backgrounds. Season 9 hints at romance between Loba and Bangalore.

However, Apex Legends may not be the best game to depict romantic interests but they’re still quite ahead in exploring one. The main pairs that you’ll get to see in the game would be Loba, Bangalore, and Valkyrie. When loba was first introduced in the game she was a character filled with revenge, but now things are taking a different turn. Their bond is getting deeper and deeper every season. Loba and Bangalore started opening up to each other from season 6. Well, I guess a love triangle will exist between these legends.

Loba and bangalore

Bangalore (left) Loba (right)

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Are Loba and Valkyrie Dating?

The voice lines between Loba and Valkyrie are flirtatious. It is heartwarming as well as bizarre at the same time. It seems they’ve been on each other’s minds in the whole game and it’s pretty clear that Valkyrie’s got her eyes on all the women around her, Loba specifically. It’s obvious if they are drawn to each other because of their similar past. Valkyrie is the recent character released in season 9 of the game. She specializes in flight, Valkyrie joined the apex legends to create her legacy to place her father’s honour.

Even though she’s the newest member, she still has a lot of background to her past. Kairi Valkyrie Imahara is the daughter of Viper, a major antagonist from the Titanfall series. When you put a strong focus on the gameplay, Valkyrie is one of the strongest members. She can detect Survey Beacons and is a Recon Legend. Valkyrie’s ultimate weapon is her Skyward Dive. She can use it for defence, fighting and it can also help the players to gain their highest ranks in the game without suffering downfall. Everything apart, We might be able to see positive reflections between Loba and Valkyrie in the future and possible interference from Bangalore too.

Are Loba and Valkyrie dating?

Loba (left) Valkyrie (right)

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