Are Lauren and Derek from ‘Catfish’ Still Together? Update on the Famous Couple

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In today’s article, we will discuss Are Lauren and Derek from ‘Catfish’ still together? In case you are wondering, Catfish is an American television series where the hosts help to discover whether the online relationships of a few couples are real or not. Lauren Meler and Derek Shullenbarger have appeared in the Catfish Season 2 Episode 4. Before appearing on the show, they chatted on MySpace for almost eight years. Knowing each other for so many years brought them closer. Initially, things were quite well between the two. She knew that Derek was the one with whom she must share her life.

It was at the Catfish reunion when Lauren and Derek got engaged to each other. He wasn’t that much wealthy at that time. Also, he didn’t hide anything from his partner Lauren. Thus, he was paid for the engagement ring. With everything going so well between this Catfish couple, fans are now lately interested to know Are Lauren and Derek Still Together? For more details about the duo, precisely what place is their relationship is at present, this article is highly recommended to you.

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Are Lauren and Derek from ‘Catfish’ still together?

Lauren Meler and Derek Shullenbarger are no longer together. Also, they were never married to each other. However, fans are left in shock after knowing about their split. Talking more about their relationship, Lauren knew from the very beginning that Derek is a real person and never lied to her about anything. Fans were left in shock after they came to know that Derek does not have a fake personality. She knew that their relationship would work out pretty well. However, things turned out just the opposite. It was in 2014 when the duo called it off and gave their separation a tagline of ‘amicable split’. The reason behind such a drastic decision is not yet made to the public.

Are Lauren and Derek from 'Catfish' still together
Derek Shullenbarger and Lauren Meler

It was in September 2013 when Lauren made it to her Twitter account, confirming the news of her failed pregnancy. She was 10 weeks pregnant at that time and had a miscarriage. It was a pathetic feeling but anyway moved on in life.

Current Status

Even though they aren’t together at present, Lauren and Derek have stayed good friends. There is no bad blood about their separation. When it comes to their personal lives, the former does maintain secrecy. She is always tight-lipped whenever asked about what’s going on in her life. On the other hand, Derek has already tied the knot with someone else.

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Lauren and Derek on ‘Catfish’: More Details

There are still loads to know about this Catfish couple. Lauren hails from Texas. Little did you know, she was about to marry someone else. That caused a pause in her online friendship with Derek. But, that marriage didn’t take place, resulting in the continuation of their ongoing friendship. She was a single mother to a son shared with her ex-boyfriend, and she named the child, Mason. Also, she was about to relocate to Maryland to be with Derek.

Nothing much about Lauren’s social media presence is known as she maintains quite a low profile on the platform. On the other hand, Derek is quite active, more precisely on Instagram. Even though his account is kept private, his activeness is evident from the visibility of the number of posts he makes.

It’s quite upsetting to know that Lauren and Derek, who appeared to be the most happening couple in the show, couldn’t make it to the end in real life. On the other hand, their mature behavior to keep their friendship has also mesmerized many of their fans! Best Wishes with loads of love and happiness to both, Lauren and Derek for the upcoming days of their life! Also, we shall update you about what Lauren is up to, as soon as she makes an update!

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