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Are The Couple Of ‘Love Is Blind’ Lauren and Cameron Still Together?

Are Lauren and Cameron still together? Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are the celebrity couple of the show Love Is Blind. People are crazy to know about their relationship status. They wanted to know Lauren and Cameron are still together. This couple is wonderful and most loving. Lauren and Cameron are the only couples on the show who is loved by the whole world. From every corner of the world, people want them together. Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed are the contestants of the television series Love Is Blind. The show Love Is Blind is a popular reality television series of America. The couple met first time on this show in 2020. This show has been one of the sources of entertainment for the people during the Covid-19 crisis.

This is one of the most loving shows ever because of its uniqueness. The theme of the show is an initiative for other television series. In the show, many single contestants find their perfect pair without seeing them face to face. Contestants try to find a match and fall in love without seeing. They will fall only by knowing each other emotionally. This theme has made the show the best show ever. People who are unable to find love can find their perfect pair. The series has only 1 season and 14 episodes till now. It was launched on the 13th of February 2020. Love Is Blind’s favorite duo was Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speedy. People wanted to know are Lauren and Cameron still together? In this article, we will discuss the relationship status of Lauren and Cameron. We will also confirm that they are still together or not.

Are Lauren and Cameron still together

Cute Selfie of the couple.

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Are Lauren & Cameron still together?

The most asked question about the show Love Is Blind is “Are Lauren and Cameron still together
?” Yes, the couple are still together. Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speedy are still together. People are dying outside to know about their favorite duo. And it is a piece of good news for them that the couple Lauren and Cameron are still together. The couple met on the show Love Is Blind. They bonded emotionally without seeing each other’s faces. This is celebrating moment for the fans who wanted to see the couple together. The reality series has really given us a powerful couple who are made for each other.

Cameron and Lauren are the contestants of the first season of the show “Love Is Blind”. It is a reality television series. The pair got scheduled for three days to meet and greet window. The couple was not allowed to see each other’s faces. Even after the show, the couple is still together. Recently Lauren has shared a cute photo of her and Cameron. The couple is trending on social media platforms. Both the couple have Instagram accounts and they update their fans time-to-time. The show “Love Is Blind” is available on Netflix. You can watch their relationship story from the beginning.

Lauren and Cameron’s personal life

Lauren Speed is a popular American actress. She is one of the celebrity faces of America. Lauren belongs to Georgia. She is 33 years old. Lauren was born on 16 November 1987 in the city of Georgia. She is a multi-talented personality. Lauren has made her name in the fields of writing and filmmaking. In one of the interviews, Cameron has seen her calling ‘wife’. She is an internet sensation. Lauren has 2.4 million followers on her Instagram account.

Cameron Hamilton is 28 years old. He was born on the 3rd of July 1991. He is a popular American personality. Cameron lives in the beautiful city of Georgia in Atlanta. Despite acting, he is a well-educated personality. He has studied at Georgia State University. He has done Master’s degree in Neurophilosophy and Artificial Intelligence. Cameron is a great entrepreneur. He has his own company named Alliance AI. He has a dashing personality with a height of 6 feet. Lauren has his own verified Instagram account with followers of 1.9 million.

Are Lauren and Cameron still together

Wedding photo of Cameron and Lauren

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