Are Karent and Rodolfo Still Together? RHOM Season 2’s Couple!

Are Karent and Rodolfo Still Together?
RHOM Couple Karent and Rodolfo

Karent and Rodolfo appeared in the second season of Real Housewives of Miami. So, are Karent and Rodolfo still together? The pair’s relationship has been subjected to several speculations in the show. Their team members also alleged that they had a fake relationship for the show. There is not much information known about the couple as they appeared only for a short period. Karent even left the show after the second season. The other team members also outset Rodolfo’s cheating on Karent despite her adamant belief in him.

Karent Sierra is a successful dentist. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Rodolfo Jimenez was a soap actor from Spain. Now, the pair is no longer with each other. Karent broke up with him after his cheating allegations came in front of the public. Later on, Karent moved on in her life to focus more on her dentistry works. Her Instagram account reveals about her enjoying time with her family and friends along with traveling. On the other hand, Rodolfo went silent after the show, and not much news was known about him. Thus, it seems, both moved on and are no longer in touch.

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Are Karent and Rodolfo Still Together?

No, Karent and Rodolfo are not together anymore. The couple broke up during the second season of RHOM itself when revelation regarding Rodolfo cheating on her took place. Furthermore, Rodolfo showed rare interest in Karent. Thus, it led to many feuds and beliefs that Karent was in a fake relationship with Rodolfo. Finally, the other ladies confronted her about him cheating on their trip to Bimini after an article about Rodolfo got found. But, the dentist was acting or too good to believe that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She was in continuous denial at first during that time, not ready to believe anything.

Karent and Rodolfo Relationship
RHOM couple Karent and Rodolfo

Did Rodolfo Cheat on Karent?

It still remains unknown whether Rodolfo cheated on Karent or not. Furthermore, their housemates claimed that the duo was in a fake relationship. Rodolfo was also caught kissing Ana Belena in December 2012. Rumors begin about him being in a relationship with Ana while also claiming to be together with Karent. There are speculations that the pair began in March 2012 when Real Housewives of Miami second season production started. Ana also claimed the pair fell for each other at first sight. They felt an instant spark between them when they met.

The Drama Between Rodolfo, Karent, & Ana Quincoces

A drama and blaming game began in September 2012 with Ana Quincoces alleging that Rodolfo approached her on several occasions. However, Karent remained adamant about not listening to anyone or anything. She even termed Ana as one of the fans of Rodolf, who is trying to seek his attention. Meanwhile, Ana claimed that Rodolfo texted her while Karent said that it was Ana who continuously sent Rodolfo messages. However, Karent had full faith in Rodolfo during that time and even mentioned how he shares everything with her everything including the messages.

Furthermore, versions of Ana and Karent story are different. Ana’s story is backed by Lea Black, another RHOM member. She said that she only knew that Rodolfo was texting Ana one night for the whole night. Lea was with Ana during that time. Later on, Ana clarified about never dating Rodolfo, and she already had a boyfriend when she met him. Indeed, they exchanged messages, but that was on a friendly basis. There was a confrontation between Ana and Karent taking the issue on the show. They were involved in a words battle. Ana had the last say in the battle with her claiming that it was uneventful for her to meet Rodolfo again. She also does not think that she would agree more with a third introduction.

Karent and Rodolfo Dating
Karent, Rodolfo, and Ana during an outing

What Happened to Karent and Rodolfo Doing Now?

There are no news of Karent and Rodolfo now. Furthermore, Rodolfo has been very much inactive. It is like he completely vanished, and now no information could be found on him currently. However, Karent went to focus on her dentistry after leaving the show, RHOM. She also had been in relationships. Karent mentioned during an interview that she wants to focus on her work. But, she is not in the entertainment circle. 

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