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Are Drake And Kim Kardashian Dating? Rumors And Speculations

Drake and Kim in relationship
Drake and Kim

A new row of speculations and rumors regarding Drake and Kim dating each other has kicked off. Kim Kardashian recently broke up. with Kanye West. Things had been rocky between the reality TV star and hip hop star for a while now. The 40-year-old TV star filed for divorce three months back. Amid all the talks about the breakup, another rumor about Kim’s current dating status have begun. In this article, we will look at the origins of the rumor and its legitimacy. The rumor came from Wendy’s show The Wendy Williams Show. So let’s see if her claims hold any credibility at all.

Kim and Kanye started dating each other in 2012 and married each other two years later. Kanye is known as an eccentric hip-hop producer and rapper. They are one of the most well-known celebrity couples. While Kanye is an iconic producer, Kim has a huge makeup company as well. She also recently crossed the billion mark. Now that they’ve broken up, Kim is ready to look for some hookups. Meanwhile, Drake is also fresh from the Billboards Artist of the Decade win. The potential hooking up speculations make for some great gossip which is why the news is old.

Wendy Williams tank in tunes if other

Wendy talks about the rumor.

Wendy Williams Talks Rumors In The Wendy Williams Show

The latest row of speculation and rumors regarding Kim Kardashian’s dating comes from Wendy Williams. During Tuesday’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy spilled some tea regarding this new dating scoop. She talked about where the rumor of Kim and Drake dating each other comes from. She also shed some of her thoughts on whether it’s a good match or not. Taking about the rumor, Wendy suggested that things got cozy between the two at Kendall Jenner’s party. During Kendall’s 818 Tequila launch party, as she explained, Drake and Kim got close. “The rumors have been for years that they have been dating or hooking up or whatever”, Wendy told the audience. “Well, they arrived separately to Kendall’s tequila party, Kendall has a tequila, and she just launched it,” Wendy added. “Kim arrived separately in a Yellow Cab, while Drake arrived separately, as well,” she said.

Wendy talked about how the rumor had it that the two celebrities were “all over each other” at the party. She said that there might be some truth to the rumors. However, she had her reservations. She also said how they both have “their own greatnesses”, but aren’t on the same “plane”. Saying how Drake isn’t quite on her level yet, she said that he has a “lot of growing up to do to catch up with a woman”. “Divorces under her belt, a bunch of children, and a full career, and she’s older than him…no,” Wendy continued. “You know what I think this was? A slide by…”, Wendy speculated, as the audience nodded in agreement. She adds, “I think they could have fun, they can watch TV and so on and so forth”. However, she doesn’t believe there’s any potential seriousness to it, saying, “I don’t believe this is a real relationship”.

Are Kim and Drake Dating?

Drake and Kim in relationship

Wendy’s segment on the dating rumor triggered a flurry of speculations and more rumors. So what’s the deal with the legitimacy of Wendy’s claims? It’s not clear at all where she got her sources from. She opened up the pandora box of gossips, speculations, and rumors, however. There’s been a lot of rumors and gossip around a potential dating situation between Drake and Kim for years. Now that she has broken up with Kanye, the rumors are bound to start again. With Drake and Kanye being enemies, the dating rumors are a bit spicier. Wendy asks her audience later on if it’s ok to date your ex’s enemy. The audience replied within a tacit “yes”. While there may be little legitimacy to Wendy’s sources, the gossip galore is once again abuzz.

So are Drake and Kim dating? Well, as far as the currently available “evidence” go, it seems to be nothing more than speculation. One of the biggest and only sources currently has been Wendy on her talk show. There have been speculations and rumors about the two hookings up in the past too. A bit of attention to the pair-up comes from the beef between Kanye and Drake. But if Wendy’s words are anything to go by, it seems that it’s all just reaching at this point. The two celebrities are not dating currently, but if something develops or comes up, you know where to look.

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