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Are Dixie And Noah Still Dating? TikTok Couple’s Relationship

Dixie and Noah Relationship
Dixie D'Amelio and Noah Beck

Not everyone can with the person love. Some stroll down the path of difficulties while others themselves make their path difficult. As a result, not every love story can find its end. But, when some do, they become the most cherished ones. Here we are talking about one such love story. People all over the internet have one important question in their minds. Are Dixie and Noah still together? Well, this question needs a proper answer. Hence, in this article, Dixie and Noah are the major topics of concern. Likewise, their relationship status will be discussed over here. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic last year, many topics were the talk of the town.

One of them was the famous TikTok couple of Dixie and Noah. Their love life has been a hot topic of discussion on the internet. However, it is still a question of whether they are together or not. This doubt will be cleared in the following paragraphs. Moreover, Dixie and Noah are two famous TikTokers. They have been famous for their funny videos. Likewise, they have been following all the TikTok trends of the time. This made them one of the most influential TikTok couples of all time. Moreover, their collaboration has been a massive hit. This is the reason why their personal life has fallen under the radar of the paparazzi. Hence, this article is important.

Dixie and Noah Relationship

Are Dixie And Noah Still Together

This has been one of the crucial topics on the internet nowadays. People all over the world are desperate to know whether the famous couple is still intact or not. The netizens, on the other hand, speculating a lot of things about their relationship. Some said that this relationship is a hoax. While the others said that Dixie and Noah were together for publicity. However, all these accusations were wiped off. As of now, Dixie and Noah are still together. Moreover, they are soon to become one of the best TikTok couples ever. Over the months, Dixie and Noah have been through a lot. However, they decided to stick by each other’s side.

Recently, the couple announced their relationship with full support. They were not vocal about it in the initial phase. However, the rumors of their breakup forced Dixie and Noah to make their relationship public. The duo seems to be happily in love with each other. One might take them as a proper example of a couples’ goal. Unlike other TikTok duos, Dixie and Noah have been together for love and not for publicity. As a result, they have gained immense popularity across the globe. The news regarding their link-up started somewhere in July 2020. Since then, the loving couple has been one of the most talked-about and loved couples on the Internet.

Dixie and Noah Relationship

Dixie and Noah are still together.

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Dixie and Noah: Relationship Timeline

Dixie and Noah’s journey is like reading a beautiful novel. It will make you fall in love, once again. Here’s how the cutest couple on the internet met and made us fall in love with them. It was in July 2020 when the duo first came out with their friendship. They started posting their TikTok collaboration. It was an instant hit. Later that month, some snaps of the pair hugging surfaced on the Internet. It was enough to ignite curiosity among the netizens. However, Dixie and Noah kept it low calling it mere friendship. Throughout August and September, Noah was adamant about keeping his relationship private. As a result, he told the media persons that his relationship with Dixie was pure friendship. They were BFFs.

Well, we all know that it is not easy to hide the relationships from the hawk-eyed netizens. The duo was often spotted hanging out together. Be it their beach outing or behind the scenes from the upcoming music video. Their fans were sure that something was going on between the two of them. Despite the statements made by the couple and their friends, fans were adamant that the kiss they shared in Dixie’s music video “Be Happy”. Finally, after confusing the world, Dixie and Noah announced their relationship in October 2020. Since then, they have been together. Much like a cute-looking couple, Dixie and Noah are still together and plan to be by each other’s side for a long time.

Dixie and Noah Relationship

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