Are Damian Powers and Francesca Farago Dating? The Rumors Explained

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Francesca and Damian dating
Francesca with her ex-boyfriend.

Do Damian Powers and Francesca Farago are dating? Is star from “Love Is Blind” and “Too Hot to Handle” in a relationship? Is beloved couple Damian Powers and Giannina are apart because of Francesca? Many questions related to the relationship of stars are coming. Fans are crazy to know what is happening between the three of them? Giannina Gibelli popularly known as Gigi and Damian were in a relationship. But rumors have also spread for Francesca and Damian. This love triangle has made people mad. And stars are saying nothing about their relationship status.

Everyone is aware of the “Love Is Blind”. Love Is Blind is a reality television series. It is a type of dating series, where unknown people meet. The people who are kind of loners meet their perfect match. They match up, fall in love and some get married also. Isn’t this sound interesting? Yes, it is. And that’s also the reason for the popularity of the show. The famous couple from the series Damian Powers and Gigi are apart now. Their separation has left their fans heartbroken. They were in a relationship for more than 2 years. But what happened to the reunion which has separated them.

Damian and Francesca- Are the couple?

After the breakup of the famous duo Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli, Damian has been shown up with  Francesca. The genuine question arises, ” Are Damian and Francesca dating?” It is not yet sure that they are dating or not. In August 2020, rumors about these two have started. Because they have been seen together in Los Angeles. The pair has spotted together from coming out of one restaurant in Los Angeles. But later on, they cleared that they had dinner with the attorney. Damian said they were with Alex Ion and with other few friends. Damian has also given an explanation for dating Francesca.

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No doubt Francesca is a hot and amazing personality. She is one of the stars from “Too Hot to Handle”. But when the rumors spread about her relationship with Damian. Damian gave an explanation that they are not dating. He said very clearly that we are not in any type of relationship. We are just good friends. Damian has made things weird when he invited Francesca to the reunion of Love Is Blind. And things get poorer when he didn’t inform his girlfriend Gigi. When two women faced each other, it was such a clash. Gigi told Francesca to stay with her boyfriend Damian Powers. After listening to this Francesca said to Damian he should inform her about the seriousness of their relationship. Because of all this, she left the party early.

After all these things, Gigi has also left Damian and as well the reunion party. Gigi has posted many things on her Instagram account. Check her IG account for more details about her.

Francesca and Damian dating.
Francesca and Damian were spotted together in Los Angeles.

Francesca’s ex-boyfriend.

Francesca Farago’s social media fans also do direct messages and comment on her. Her fans asked about her relationship status. Currently, she is not in any relationship. She has just rumored with Damian Powers, star of Love Is Blind show. Francesca has such an interesting dating history. In her latest interview, she has revealed about her ex-boyfriend. She added that he was being disrespectful with her online. Her ex-boyfriend is none other than Harry Jowsey.

Harry Jowsey is a 23-year-old handsome hunk. Harry is famous for his dashing personality with a height of 6 feet 5 inches. His looks have made every girl his die-heart fan. Harry was born on the 24th of May, 1997 in the town of Queensland, Australia. Harry is famous for his work in the show “Heartbreak Island”. In that show he won $100,000 as a cash prize with Georgia Bryers, his ex-girlfriend. . And after that show, on the show “Too Hot to Handle” he met Francesca. They revealed their relationship in the year 2020 in August month. The couple had the same tattoo on their first fingers.

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Francesca and Damian dating
Francesca with her ex-boyfriend Harry Jowsey.

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