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Are Bramty and Luis Still Together, Who Are They Dating in 2021?

Bramty Juliette and Luis Espina make a couple, and we will get to see here that, are Bramty and Luis still together? The 24-year-old Bramty, together with her husband, started on YouTube. There, she and her husband earned more than 2.5 million subscribers on their shared channel “The Bramfam”. This is the deep spoon for Bramty and her hood. Luis Espina is an American YouTube vlogger born and raised in New Mexico, USA. He is best known for his shared YouTube channel, Bramfam, which he co-owned with his wife, Bramty Juliette. The channel has more than 2.43 million subscribers, which document their life as a married couple with jokes, challenges, beauty tips and tricks, and comedy videos.

The current era of digitalization has helped many young people and adults shape their own careers only through the internet. Luis Espina is one of them as he has made a name for himself by posting interesting content on several well-known internet platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Together with his beloved wife Bramty Juliette, he creates various content such as blogs, jokes, challenges, beauty tips, and comedy characters. Together, the lovebirds have won over 2.65 million subscribers on their channel. Today we bring you all the details about their relationship, YouTube career, and happy married life.

Are Bramty and Luis still together? Are they Divorced?

Yes, Bramty and Luis are still together. These days there were many rumors that they are separated because, in many recent vlogs of Bramty, Luis was nowhere seen, due to which the fans went crazy and eager to know that are Bramty and Luis still together. They have three beautiful babies, and they are living their lives very beautifully. Talking about Luis, he was born with the name Luis Espina on December 5, 1985, in Mexico, USA. He celebrates his birthday on December 5 every year and will turn 36 on December 5, 2021.

According to the sources, Luis Espina is not the only child as He reportedly has a younger brother. However, his whereabouts were kept a secret, perhaps because he is a quiet person type of guy.

Luis Espina and Bramty Juliette Marriage Life:

Luis is married to Bramty Juliette. It is unknown when the couple hooked up, but we do know that they started dating in 2012 after Luis became a neighbor to Bramty. Together they have three children, namely Penelope, Balcom, and Luis. Bramty Juliette Julia, and Espina have three children. Her first birth was to a daughter named Penelope Espina, who was born on March 10, 2015, and is six years old in 2021.

Are Bramty and Luis still together

Bramty and Luis together

Then in November 2018, the couple welcomed twins, sons Balcom and Levy. In other news, Espina’s brother-in-law, who is Bramty Juliette’s sister, was arrested in early 2019 on a series of charges. To his fans, Bramty Juliette revealed this news but did not give the precise reason behind his imprisonment.

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TikTok star Bramty Juliette is a teenage mom:

The Peruvian content creator realized she was expecting her and Luis’s first child when she was just 18 years old. “I was really scared,” she recalls in a 2016 video and points that because she is Spanish. Therefore, she was really frightened to see her mom and older brother. Luis, who at the time lived in a different city from Bramty Juliette, was just as shocked by the news. He didn’t know what to say, and then he was scared to go home because he knew how his mother would react. He thought first that Bramty would be negative because they were so young.

Are Bramty and Luis still together

Bramty and Luis together

The couple welcomed their daughter Penelope in March 2015 when they were both 19 years old. They married later that year because of Luis’s position in the US Navy. “We got married because, as he said, he’s in the military, and if we don’t get married, I can’t live with him,” Bramty Juliette previously explained. Luis further admitted that they got married because they wanted to live together because he obviously wanted to be with his daughter, and they knew that if she was in another state and he was still living in Florida with his parents, a long-distance relationship wouldn’t work.

Jobs and Careers Of Luis Espina and Bramty:

Youtuber and Tiktoker Bramty Juliette is best known for her popular YouTube channel, The Bramfam, which she shares with her spouse. Luis Espina graduated from college and immediately joined the US Navy in September 2014. He later retired as a soldier for unknown reasons. Espina joined his wife as a blogger on his YouTube channel, Bramfam, which became popular. Bramty Juliette started the channel in 2014 but took action in 2016 when she uploaded her first vlog.

On the other hand, in May 2016, Luis Espina first appeared on Bramfam in a video entitled “Teen Parents Q&A”. Moreover, they train their customers with applicable beauty tips and tricks. Bramfam’s most-watched video earned more than 10 million impressions. It was released on January 18, 2018, and is still reaching more viewers every day. Their daughter Penelope also often appears on the vlogs.

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