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Are Angele And Gabrielle Still Together? All About Their Relationship!

You can do some crazy things when you are in love. You can ruin an entire reality show if you are madly in love. The 60 Days challenge is a reality show. The show airs on A&E. The show features law-abiding citizens working undercover in Atlanta’s prisons. Their work helps Col Mark C. Adger determine what is causing so many dark problems inside the jail. The entire program was jeopardized by participant Angele.  After she fell in love with an actual prisoner named Gabrielle. Furthermore, she confronted her that she was a plant. As a result, the couple became an overnight sensation. Almost all fans are curious about the status of their relationship. Are Angele And Gabrielle Still Together? Everyone has this question on their mind. Therefore, in this article, we are going to look at that.

Angele’s home used to be in a rough neighborhood while she was growing up. She witnessed several family members and friends involved in the criminal justice system. Angele’s parents divorced when she was 13. Moreover, Angele was also inspired by the strength of her mother. She was inspired by her to pursue success in life.  Her childhood friends struggled with law enforcement or gangs. Because of this, Angele devoted her time and energy to track and field. An athletic scholarship enabled her to study at an elite college.

Additionally, she ranked among the top ten globally for 400-meter hurdles. Currently, she is working on a writing career. She hoped by participating in this program, As she wanted to better understand her friends and family members. Her goal was to find out what happened to them behind bars. She also wanted to assist them in getting back on track. Moreover, She wanted to ensure they wouldn’t be back behind bars.

Are Angele And Gabrielle Still Together?


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Are Angele And Gabrielle Still Together?

If we talk about Are Angele And Gabrielle Still Together? It isn’t clear that Angele and Gabrielle are together or not. But, there is no doubt that they are in constant contact. As evidenced by Angele’s comments in tonight’s reunion episode, that she is still in contact with Gabrielle.

Apparently, it was Angele’s arrival at the jail that sparked all of this. This was for the A&E reality show 60 days. She was bombarded with attention as soon as she entered jail. Because of her good looks and energetic masculinity, she stood out. Additionally, she was referred to as a “stud”. She quickly established friendships with the prisoners. In addition, she earned respect from them. With time, Angele became involved in illegal activities. This includes taking drugs. Angele became more like an inmate as time went on. That was something she confessed to production.

During Angele’s time in prison, she became close to Gabrielle. Additionally, they developed an intimate relationship. As a result of Angele and Gabrielle’s close relationship, producers began to worry. He believed she told Gabrielle her true identity. According to Angele, in one of her production interviews, she did indeed reveal her secret to Gabrielle. As a result, the entire program was at risk. Angele was removed from jail as soon as she revealed this information. Also, others became suspicious as a result of this. In response, Gabrielle revealed Angele’s identity to the other prisoners. As chief of the jail, Colonel Adger had to move rapidly. Because the news began to spread quickly. Clearly, He soon removed the remaining contestants from jail. While the participants were confused as to why they were released early. Further, they were told what happened by Adger.

Angele’s Reaction To All This

As a result of Angele blowing her cover, her fellow participant, Stephanie, became a target after the news started spreading. Angele couldn’t believe her girlfriend would expose her secret to others, the fact that she was undercover. It was clear to Angele that being with Gabrielle was worth the risk. Also, Angele said that she and Gabrielle would remain together after the show.

Following the incident, Angele suffered a lot of trolls on social media. So, Angele welcomed the haters on Instagram to comment on her decision. She wrote that, in the end, they’re all experiments. Also, life and death are inescapable. Clearly, it is important for everyone to spend their time loving more. She then added, “all the hate messages and all the hate comments are welcome … She is driven by hate and pain …” So all the trolls are giving her strength. Therefore, she will thank all the haters. Also, she added, she accepts hate in the same way she accepts love.

Are Angele And Gabrielle Still Together?

Angele And Gabrielle

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