‘Arctic’ Ending Explained: What Exactly Happens in the End?

arctic film ending explained
Arctic (2018)

If you are into survival movies, Arctic has the potential to be your recent favorite. However, if you have already watched the Arctic, then you could be confused about the ending. The whole movie feels like reading a short story, filled with visuals but hardly any dialogues. The ending does completely abrupt, and that is what makes the movie worth the watch. The whole movie is a great example of how the human mind works. In this article, we will get the ending of Arctic explained for you guys. We will also try to find the small details in the movie that make the ending so worth it in the end.

The Arctic is quite a survival movie due to its uniqueness. We do get two characters, but there is hardly any exchange of dialogues between them. There is no doubt that when the movie was released in 2018, people had underestimated the movie. There are tons of survival movies. However, making a great one is quite a task. However, many critics consider that the whole movie stood out for Mads Mikkelsen. Yet, the movie does revolve around the protagonist as we only get to see him and not read his mind even.

Arctic Ending Explained

The ending of the Arctic is left open-ended. There could be either way the movie ends. Though we are going to give more focus on the optimistic ending. Overgård had lit his jacket on fire to get the attention of the helicopter that was making way for the camp. We are shown that the helicopter does not notice them and leaves their position. This broke all hopes, and Overgård seems to finally break down. He lays beside the woman and holds her hand. He keeps telling her everything is going to be alright as if he is trying to make himself believe that. Just before the scene cuts, we do get to hear the helicopter and also see it afar.

arctic film ending explained
Mads Mikkelsen as Overgård

The optimistic ending could be that the helicopter has noticed the fire, and they have come back to rescue them. Though Overgård might have given his hopes, yet all his hardship has finally paid off, and the woman could even survive. This would definitely be a satisfying end to everything that Overgård had to face. From saving both of them from a polar bear to making the right decisions. Yet, things might not be that easy always. Throughout the movie, we were introduced to human connections and things occurring to humans. Hence, there is a chance that they do not get noticed by the helicopter. It would be a devastating end to Overgård and all his endeavors. The undeniable doom would be just heartbreaking.

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What Does “Arctic” Wants to Tell Us?

Every survival movie has a lesson in the end. However, we get to terms with it when we get a definite ending. In the Arctic, we do not get a definite ending. Yet, throughout the movie, we get to see small details that help us to understand what the movie stands for. The first important thing is human connection. The woman and Overgård cannot communicate properly for their language barriers. However, we do see them struggling together. In today’s time, when people are ready to even kill for the differences, this stands as a strong lesson. We, after all, are human beings. No matter where we come from, what language we speak, what background we have, we are just humans.

arctic film ending explained
A scene from “Arctic” (2018)

This is one of the main reasons there is no backstory of any characters. We are made to watch two humans trying to make it through the worst situations. In times of adversity, we do not even want language. All we want is someone to help us make it through. We were made to watch them like animals on the Discovery channel. There were just actions and expressions. Joe Penna had completely left it on the audience to get what they feel depending on the expressions. This makes the movie such an amazing watch. It is on our views how we are going to decipher what the movie is about. It is on us how the movie ends.

You can watch the movie here.

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