Archive 81 Season 2: When Will it Come Out?

archive 81 season 2 release date
Archive 81 (2022)

Archive 81 could be one of those underrated shows that have taken the Netflix world by a whirl. It was quite surprising that a show which was not much promoted by Netflix had managed to rise above the Witcher even! It is an amazing mystery thriller that gradually ascends towards actually making you extremely puzzled and yet hooked on the show. As people keep watching the show, they get more intrigued by the cliffhanger ending of Season 1. Hence, they ardently want to know what is the Archive 81 Season 2 release date?

The Season 1 cliffhanger had made the fans crazy, and are more drawn towards the show. This is quite surprising for a show that has not been promoted much by Netflix to get such an overwhelming response. However, what needs to be considered is that the show has got an amazing rating, will Netflix renew the next season? Or are we to be stuck with the cliffhanger of Season 1 forever?

Archive 81 Season 2 Release Date

The most pertinent question that is in front of us that when will we get the Archive 81 Season 2. Now, much to our disappointment, Netflix has not yet confirmed season 2 of the show. Hence, we do not have Archive 81 Season 2 Release Date yet. However, with the rating and also the increasing popularity of the show, we can assure you that Netflix will most probably not cancel the show out of the blue. Hence, all we need is to just wait for Netflix to confirm the show, and then we can get a date.

archive 81 season 2 release date
Dan is played by Mamoudou Athie.

Another good news that the fans will get excited about is that there is a high chance that the team will not take much time once Netflix has announced Season 2. The producer Rebecca Sonnenshine has recently revealed that as soon as they wrapped up Season 1, they sat down with Season 2 and how things could be developed from thereon. Hence, it is confirmed that they have all the work and scripts ready, all they need is a green signal from Netflix to start shooting for Archive 81 Season 2.

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Archive 81 Season 1 Ending Explained

Before we get into further details for Season 2, let us recap what had happened in Season 1, and also for those who could not understand what happened: Here is Archive 81 Ending Explained. So, in the last episode, we find that Dan was trying to save Melody from the devastating satanic ritual that was going to befall her. He meets with Julia, who is Melody’s mother, and who gives him a key to the other world. However, she warns him that Kaelego will try to trick Dan to keep him in a mirror world.

archive 81 season 2 release date
Melody is played by Dina Shihabi.

Though Dan in the end could save Melody from Samuel, even though Samuel dragged Melody into the door, we see that she is reunited with Julia. However, for Dan things get a little bit different. We find him waking up in a hospital, and the nurse informs us that he has woken up from 10 days of coma. He was the only survivor of the Visser fire. To blow our minds to the maximum proportion, Dan sees a tribute to Kurt Cobain who died that day (Cobain died in 1994). He also looks from the hospital window and sees the twin towers in New York. This is a piece of solid evidence that Dan is stuck in the 90s.

The only plausible explanation for this is that either Kaelego has trapped him in, or Samuel could have messed up the time travelling. In any way, season 1 ended with our main protagonist stuck in another time. It will be quite interesting to find out how are they going to bring Dan back into the original timeline, or will Mark be the one to rescue his friend.

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Archive 81 Season 2 Plot

Now that we have gone through the ending of the season, the next thing that any fan will wonder about is what could be the plot of Season 2? The series is based on a podcast of the same name, hence those who have listened to the full podcast already know what is going to happen. However, for those who have not heard it, we are not going to spoil it for them. However, you can be assured that they are going to find a way to bring back Dan to his original world. The challenges facing this is going to be quite interesting, and the changing of worlds will also be something to look forward to.

archive 81 season 2 release date
A scene from the Series.

We can also guess that this time Melody will try to save Dan as she was rescued by him. However, as we know already she has the Baldung witch blood, which will be a major key to the whole premise of Season 2. We can expect Melody and Mark to work together this time to save Dan. We also might get to know more about the whole cult and mystery, Jess would be one of the major characters to give more clues. There was a major hint at the end when Dan found out that she was now a Sister somewhere. Hence, there will be some new team up and a lot more satanic rituals to save Dan.

Archive 81 Season 2 Cast

Though we have seen a lot of characters die, and also again come back from the death, hence we are pretty much sure that the cast would be quite the same in Season 2. Another thing that one has to keep in mind is that a character is not dead until we see their dead body, and sometimes even if we do, they are alive in another mirror world and can be brought back. This theory gets quite confusing altogether. However, we can expect most of the characters to come back. Dan (by Mamoudou Athie) and Mark (Matt McGorry) will be there. We will also see a lot of Melody (by Dina Shihabi), Jess (by Ariana Neal), and Samuel (by Evan Jonigkeit). We would also find Anabelle Cho (by Julia Chan), Virgil Davenport (by Martin Donovan).

Archive 81
One of the Satanic Rites from the Series.

It will be quite interesting to find out new characters and cast being added in Season 2.

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What is Archive 81 Based on?

One of the first questions that someone thinks about after watching a horror mystery series or movie is if it is based on real life. Well, for this series, you need not worry about it, it is not based on a real story. Though there are tons of cult practices and satanic rituals, and there are some tapes of those things, to date no one has been able to open any portal to the other world, with the help of them. Hence, it is pretty much scientific that this series is not based on a true story.

Archive 81
A still from the series.

However, it is based on a podcast by the same name written by Marc Sollinger and Dan Powell. Now it is quite interesting that the series’ main protagonists names are also the same. This is because in their podcast they would narrate what they watched on those tapes (not literally, just in the podcast universe). However, a lot of fans have confirmed the fact that the Netflix series does not completely rip off the whole podcast. They have just taken the plot as their premise, and that is that. There are a lot of things which are different.

Hence, if your curiosity is killing you, and you just want a little taste of what is laying before, you can go ahead and listen to the podcast. However, let us remind you again, that there is a high chance that what you hear and see will not match up. You would not miss it for the show would have some good visuals if Netflix would confirm the next season.

archive 81
Another still from the series.

In conclusion, all we can do now is wait for Netflix to renew the season, and then the team will start shooting the show. However, there is nothing to feel anticipated about as there is a very slim chance that Netflix will cancel the show out of blue. It had got a good cliffhanger, and even a better review, hence, it’s all just a wait of time.

You can watch the series, here.