Archer Season 10: Release Date, Cast and News

Archer is an animated American TV series which is created by Adam Reed and first premiered on FX. The show has gathered a ton of positive reviews from audience and critics as well. The show also won many awards including Critics Choice Awards. The series has been running successfully for nine seasons, and the series has been officially renewed for Season 10!

The show has been set with eight dysfunctional secret agents who are members of the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS). The show shows the agents deal with some wild assignments comically, given that the show come under the genre of Dark Comedy.

Archer Season 10: Release Date, Cast and News

Archer Season 10 is named as Archer: 1999 and was announced in San Diego Comic-Con in July this year. The show is also called Archer in space. Following the past seasons, the show has been trying to try different things, and you can expect some more of the shaken up plot in Season 10.

The previous Seasons were released in April, and therefore we can expect Archer Season 10 or Archer: 1999 to be released in April 2019. The Season 10 will be aired on FX, but if you have a hard time accessing FX, you can always watch it on Netflix! The nine seasons of the series are available on Netflix and Season 10 will also be available on the streaming giant.

The last two seasons have been a bit sluggish after Archer was shot and was in a coma. The events of the last two seasons have been taking place in his head, and now the fans are waiting for him to get up and expect a strong plot which has been a bit weak from past two seasons.

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