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What Will Be Featured in Apple October Event 2021?

apple october event 2021
Apple october event 2021

Apple Inc. is a multinational technology that is America based. The company specializes in computer software, electronics, and online services. Apple is considered as one of the largest tech companies that have ever come into existence and have gross revenue of up to a total of $274.5 billion in 2020. The company was also the most valuable, according to reports surfaced in January 2021. According to the latest reports surfaced, the company is currently the fourth largest c vendor in the world if we count sales. Apple also stands fourth in being the largest manufacturer of smartphones. Apple is also one of the best five informational technology companies in America, and the list consists of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Apple’s California Streaming events where the company revealed the new iPhone 13, a new version of iPad Mini, Series 7 of Apple Watch, which was full of other surprises. Although several products were unveiled, some products didn’t cut. People were expecting AirPods 3 and new MacBook Pros, which weren’t showcased or teased. Although not until now, users might not have to wait that long. Apple will also expect a new show to be unveiled pretty soon. If the users don’t know are desperate to know some details about the new event, then this article will provide some details about the show or event.

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When will the new Apple event be held?

Although the event as of now, there has been no official confirmation as but still some guesses could be made about the data based on the reports that have been surfaced. According to reports that were recently surfaced, it was claimed that Apple had planned two events in September in which one focus primarily on the iPhone 13 and the other event after that, and the other focal point was the M1X MacBook Pro. Although there is no official confirmation, and the odds might seem a little dim, but if this is true, the invites will be sent out on September 21 for a September 28 event.

apple october event 2021

Apple October event 2021

The most probable event is in October as there is space between the two events, and it also lines up with the tradition of releasing and the notion that Apple follows. Apple has always favored October month to hold events, and it has done so almost seven times in the past. But these shows usually occur in October mid or late. The report suggested that the M1X MacBook Pros might be releasing in the coming weeks while indicating an event held in October. Although in October the most probable day is October but on the past trends that Apple followed, it might be October 19 or October 26 to be the most viable dates for the coming event from Apple.

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What are the details about M1X MacBook Pros?

As there have been reports that Apple has made plans to update their MacBook Pro lineup soon. Based on the history of Apple events that were held in October, it seems that the time has finally come for the updating and Apple giving the users some updated version of their legendary products. So what can users expect is the question, and according to several reports, it indicates that Apple is redesigning the model the MacBook Pro 13, and this would majorly slim the bezels and expansion of screen to almost a model of 14-inch. The display comes with a Led Technology that is quite small and grace with an iPad Pro of a size of 12.9-inch. The contrast and brightness will be huge updates, and Touch Bar will be removed for the very first time.

apple october event 2021

M1X MacBook Pros

The chassis will also be upgraded and be converted to a flat-edged design, and a variety of ports will also be available. There will also be a return of the MagSafe, which was very missed by the users, and the availability of an SD card slot and an HDMI. A new chipset is also likely to be expected, which will drastically improve the performance of graphics. These changes are so expected for the MacBook Pro 16 and will be incorporated with an  Apple Silicon chip which is a standardized chip for GPU cores that are additional.

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What are the details about AirPods 3?

It was plausible that AirPods 3 might make a spectacle in Apple’s California Streaming show. There were several high-profile reporters, leakers, and analysts available at the show. Although the event had its highlights, it didn’t mention the AirPods 3. However, there were a lot of rumors speculating the release of the producer, so the users and Apple product enthusiasts have not lost hope up until now. The product is expected to be seen at some point in the future.

apple october event 2021

AirPods 3 rumored designs

The question for the Apple enthusiast is, what are the odds for AirPods 3 now? There have been several reports and rumors surrounding the release of the product. There were rumors that Apple would bring the product in a new manner such as new appearance and other. This could mean that the pods could have short stems, or the product can be made even more small and handy. Although the silicone tips would not be getting the AirPods Pro, these are the reason that the product act as noise cancellation earphones. This feature needs to be exclusive and high-end.

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