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Apple TV + Release Schedule May 2021: New Movies & Shows

The Mosquito Coast
The Mosquito Coast

Be prepared as some new May releases and renewal of your Apple Tv+ favorite shows and movies are getting their way out to the world soon. Until then, you will be neatly sitting on your couch to watch those binge-able sneaks on your screen. Apple TV + is a streaming service by Apple with original movie content that doesn’t exist in any other service. The services were available starting November 1, 2019, in more than 100 countries. Some of the titles that will be available on Apple TV + ‘s initial releases are “The Morning Show,” “Dickinson,” “See,” “For All Mankind,” and “The Elephant Queen,” and many others.

Currently, you can see a list of content that will be available on Apple TV + via the page. Some of the movies and series in this streaming service are top-notch and incredible in particular.

With updated movies and series each month, we are piling up the list for the upcoming series in May 2021.


This short film is the first, as part of an expansive multi-year partnership between the two studios. This film follows the stranded astronaut-horticultural struggle to survive after he lands on a lonely dwarf planet. Apple/ Skydance’s premiere the short film.  The film’s screenwriter and also the director is the Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Joe Mateo. Mateo developed this film with the Skydance Animation teaser production. Heather Schmidt acts as the producer of the project with Feng Yanu. and executive producer by John Lasseter.

Blush joins other Apple/ Skydance features, including Luck and Spellbound and the animated series The Search for WondLa, with several feature films and television series that will be out as a piece of information during the pact’s term. The film follows a recent Apple Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature for Wolfwalkers, the latest film from two-time Academy Award-nominated director Tomm Moore and director Ross Stewart.

Mythic Quest

Mythic Quest (known as Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet for its first season) is an American comedy streaming television series starring Rob McElhenney for Apple TV +. The series premiered on February 7, 2020. Apple TV + is updating the series for a second season on January 18, 2020, ahead of the premiere of its first season.

A special episode, Mythic Quest: Quarantine, is coming on 22 May 2020, with a second special episode. Everlight was out earlier on 16 April 2021, before the premiere of the second season. A second nine-episode season is about to premiere on May 7, 2021.

The Mosquito Coast

Since several months ago, actor Justin Theroux has been known to be planning to star in The Mosquito Coast, the latest series from Apple TV +. This series is very special for Justin because it adapts the novel by his uncle, Paul Theroux, which was released in 1981. Currently, Apple TV + has confirmed that Justin will be the main star.

The novel The Mosquito Coast itself tells the story of a father who invites his family to live in a remote part of South America. Neil Cross served as showrunner and co-wrote the script for the premiere episode with Tom Bissell. Rupert Wyatt will be an executive producer as well as directing several episodes.

The Mosquito Coast was previously adapted into a feature film in 1986 and starred Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, and River Phoenix. The film earned two Golden Globe Awards nominations, including Best Actor for Ford. This fact is certainly very beneficial for Justin, especially since his uncle must have introduced the story of The Mosquito Coast since he was a child. As we all know, Apple has just announced the launch of a streaming service called Apple TV +. The Morning Show, See, and For All Mankind are series that will air alongside the launch of Apple TV + on November 1.

The story, in a nutshell, is that Justin Theroux will headline the new Apple TV + series, The Mosquito Coast. The series itself is an adaptation of the novel by Justin’s uncle, Paul Theroux, which was released in 1981.


On the brink of December, Apple released a public report with the title “Apple is reportedly in talks with Skydance Animation for two John Lasseter films that leave Pixar over sexual harassment issues.” This particular report points out that the two films, “Luck and Spellbound,” will source what is famous, with the name a major deal between David Ellison’s animation department and streamer. This, however, hasn’t reached it.

Today we learn that Apple has announced a joint agreement with Skydance Animation for feature films and TV series for the AppleTV + streaming service. The deal, which follows Apple’s initial talks about acquiring films for its streaming service, will see Apple Original Films debut the animated film Luck and Spellbound. along with a two-season order in The Search for WondLa series.

The agreement promises more feature films and TV series that stem from Apple’s multi-year pact with Skydance Animation. Luck and Spellbound were originally a Paramount property, which has a film deal with Skydance. This studio deal allowed David Ellison’s Skydance to move films at its sole discretion. The controversial John Lasseter oversees the animation division of Skydance, which is pursuing a bigger strategy to go beyond traditional platforms to make films for streamers after finding success with two Netflix hits, 6 Underground and The Old Guard. For more, read the Hollywood Reporter story.

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Apple has reportedly purchased the copyright for the film titled ‘CODA’ for $ 25 million. According to Deadline’s report, this copyright purchase agreement is completely in line with the interference of the Head of Worldwide Video, Zack Van Amburg, and Jamie Erlicht. Tim Cook’s company managed to beat Amazon in the hunt for the film ‘CODA.’ Furthermore, Apple also set a new record by buying a film that will be shown at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival.

Apple managed to overturn Hulu / Neon, which previously bought the copyright for another Sundance Festival film, ‘Palm Springs,’ for $ 22.5 million. ‘CODA’ is a Drama genre film written and directed by Sian Heder. The film tells about the anxiety of a high school student who has to choose between dreams and family. Interestingly, he was born into a deaf family, and he is the only normal member of the family. This high school student has an interest and a dream to have a career in music.

However, on the other hand, his family’s fishing business is on the verge of bankruptcy. Emilia Jones is lined up as Ruby, the main character in the film ‘CODA.’ He will compete acting with other names, Eugenio Derbez, Marlee Matlin, and Ferdia Walsh-Peelo. Sian Heder said the background music for the film ‘CODA’ would be filled with songs composed by Motown, Joni Mitchell, and Mavin Gaye. Even though it has been acquired, it is not known when the ‘CODA’ film will officially air on Apple TV +. (*)


1971: Music of the Year Changed Everything, a new documentary that explores the musicians and musicians who shaped the culture and politics of 1971. Produced by Asif Kapadia and James Gay-Rees, who have been Academy, BAFTA, and Grammy Awards Winners, the documentary includes eight chapters. It will air on May 21 on Apple TV +.

After announcing the new season of ted lasso, Cycle, and the premiere of Fathom That same week, Apple decided that it was time to announce the premiere of a new music documentary. It will include 8 episodes, and he will talk about the importance of music in 1971. A year full of enthusiasm and social and political upheaval. It will air on May 21 (coinciding with the second season of Ciclos) on Apple TV +.

An immersive and in-depth series rich in archival recordings and interviews. Next, how to use music to inspire hope, change, and the culture around you. The documentary will examine the best artists and songs still being heard 50 years later. Also included are The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, The Who, Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed, and more.
Apple TV + is available in the Apple TV app in more than 100 countries and regions. On more than 1,000 billion screens, including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch, Mac, and more. It costs $ 4.99 per month with a seven-day free trial. For a limited time, and following the promotional rules, you can enjoy Apple TV + for one year for free.

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Trying season 2

Trying is an American TV series 2.20 comedy genre. The main players of the Trying TV series include Jackie Mouzo, Esther Smith, Rafe Spall. Synopsis of TV Series Trying tells of a chaotic husband and wife adopting a child. The Trying TV series will start airing on May 1, 2.20 on the AppleTV + channel. This TV series gets a score of 7.2 from IMDb.

Because they do not have a son, the husband and wife decide to adopt a child. With them and their chaotic environment, can they become parents ?.

It tells the story of a couple of Jason and Nikki who want to have a baby. Unfortunately, Nikki had a medical condition that made it impossible for her to have children. This film is so sweet. About a family that decides to adopt a child. Well, Jason and Nikki also want to adopt a child. In the west there, adopting a child has to go through several long stages. The longest is the period of mentoring prospective parents. They are also ‘supervised’ by the supervisory board. You don’t deserve to be an adoptive parent.

So there are lots of scenes where Nikki and Jason try to ‘look’ well in front of the supervisor. They buy alcohol with cash, worried that they will read the records via banking by the supervisory board. They also began to regularly contribute funds to social agencies.

The Crowded Room

A new series called The Crowded Room. The plan is that the new Apple TV + series will carry the main genre of Thriller. Not only that, but this series will also star veteran British-born actor Tom Holland. For Tom Holland, this is not the first time he has worked together and been involved in a project owned by Apple TV +. Previously, Tom Holland had starred in one of the newest Apple TV + film projects released this year. The film is called Cherry and has been available on Apple TV + since March 2021.

After the success of the film Cherry, now Tom Holland will return to be one of the main characters in the latest Apple TV series + The Crowded Room. Then, when will this new Apple TV + series be released and can be enjoyed by its users? Come on to the next page. Apple still hasn’t announced the broadcast schedule of any of these new series. But from rumors circulating, The Crowded Room series will soon enter the shooting stage shortly. Later, this series will adapt the story of a person with a mental disorder named Billy Milligan who committed various crimes because of his illness.

The plan, this series will have 10 episodes with Tom Holland playing the main role as Billy Milligan. Meanwhile, Tom Holland will only take part in the first season or season of this series. In the following seasons, the story and main role of The Crowded Room series will be changed and changed, similar to the concept of the American Horror Story series.


Apple keeps its promise to make Apple TV + services international. This is because Apple began producing various series and films outside of Hollywood, United States. Among them are the Foundation series which will be here right in the future. Not too soon. Foundation is a TV series based on the novel by Isaac Asimov. The production of this TV series is potentially the largest in Ireland as it will employ more than 500 film workers. The production plan was announced by Screen Ireland, which will be working on in 2020. Screen Ireland is an organization that not only offers Ireland as a location for serial and film production but also offers a variety of jobs.

In a press conference that was held in Dublin, Friday (31/1/2020) yesterday, the Foundation is a work in association with Troy Studios. Located in Limerick, Southern Ireland, the Foundation production will be the largest film production in the region. Apple TV + will also collaborate with Wild Atlantic Pictures to work on Foundation content. Foundation production is in a prediction to compete with Game of Thrones, which is also being done in the Irish region.

In fact, if Game of Thrones was going along at Titanic Studios, which has an area of ​​1 hectare, then Troy Studios has an area of ​​up to 3 hectares. With a larger area, it is hoped that the Foundation will have better results when compared to Game of Thrones. Apple TV + entrusted the script writing to David S. Goyer, who also worked on the script for The Dark Knight. David S. Goyer will be assisted by Josh Friedman, who will also act as producer.

In total, the Foundation plans to broadcast 10 episodes and is developed by Skydance Television. Interestingly, the daughter of novelist Robyn Asimov will be the executive producer.

The Morning Show Season 2

Steve Carell and Jennifer Aniston

The Morning Show is coming from the nonfiction novel by Brian Stelter. It tells the behind-the-scenes story of a top US news program. The morning news program of The Morning Show was under the dismissal of Mitch Kessler. While (Steve Carell) on charges of sexual harassment.

Mitch is a co-host on The Morning Show. Daily, he brings news on the TV program with Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston). Ready to Gather Again Knowing about Mitch’s case, Alex also vented his anger at his partner and several UBA television station officials who had hidden this from him. Now, the fate of the program, which has been on the air for 15 years, is on the line. The neat cooperation of Mitch, Alex, and the entire crew are afraid of ending in vain. An equally surprising fact was open by Mitch before his departure.

Before Cory made a formal offer to Bradley, Alex had heard this news first. Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson will now host The morning Show. From here, new problems await them. Will Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson manage to restore the good name of The Morning Show? The initial date for the second season is 22 May 2021. However, due to the pandemic, there are some additional scenes to shoot.

Ted Lasso Season 2

The Ted Lasso series comes with a new story in its second season. Tuesday, April 20, Apple TV streaming service brings new teasers and broadcast dates for their flagship series. “This year, goodness will return,” the teaser narrative of Ted Lasso begins. Jason Sudeikis still plays Ted Lasso along with Hannah Waddingham, Brendan Hunt, Jeremy Swift, Juno Temple, Brett Goldstein, Phil Dunster, and Nick Mohammed.

Continuing the first story, the AFC Richmond group was expelled from the Premier League. However, Lasso’s enthusiasm brought Richmond to continue to improve. They recruited a sports psychologist for AFC Richmond, played by Sarah Niles. With the arrival of a new character, the second season of Ted Lasso presents the intrigue of the sporting world to look forward to. In addition, Apple TV also confirmed the existence of the third season of Ted Lasso.

Ted Lasso’s second season will air starting July 23. Watch the teaser below.

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