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Apotheosis Chapter 818: Release Date, Preview & Recap


The arrival of Pseudo Saint begins with Apotheosis Chapter 818 with Luo Zheng fighting against the Heavenly Venerates. The Pseudo Saints cross to the other side using Grand Telepotion, but they first deal with a Dark Star that sealed the passage. From the latest Apotheosis Chapter, the Pseudo Saints had a meeting at the Universe of Great Extremity. Great Heavenly Venerate took a risk and used Teleportation to get to the other side. The higher-ups warned him that the passage was blocked, but he didn’t listen to them. Great Heavenly Venerate realizes that his comrades might be in danger and have to get to the other side.

He tried to destroy the Star with his powers, but he couldn’t, but it seems like a true God’s Divine power and can be handled by another True God. They decided to call out Master Mu Han to break the seal. One of the Heavenly Venerates comments that the battle in the Sunflower Water World is scary and tragic. He wonders if a massive amount of Heavenly Venerates has fallen since the Heavenly Dao Vibration in the Universe has never been like this. Cut to the battle Luo Zheng continues to slaughter the Heavenly Venerates.

One of the enemies attacked him from behind, but the attacks bounced back. The guy wonders what has happed since he pierced his First-Grade Divine weapon through, but nothing has happened to Luo Zheng. Luo Zheng looked back at that guy and cut him using Divine Light Sword. The Oracle Heavenly Venerates arrives, and Luo Zheng realizes that the battle has entered another stage. But a lady from Luo Zheng’s side cut Heavenly Venerate who asks her how dare she scratch him and she must be ready to die.

Previously on Apotheosis Chapter 817

The lady uses Self Destruction and the Heavenly Venerate’s body flame with pink fires all over. He wonders what is happening since he is even burning from the inside. Luo Zheng asks the lady if she poisoned him. The lady replies that it is Self Destruction unique energy that can send all the in the target body to destroy itself until it burns into ashes. She reminds Luoi Zheng about his father Luo Xiao’s unique skills since this is one of them. Luo Zheng comments that the technique is powerful.



Sacred Heavenly Venerate notices that and realizes he can break his inner world since the advantage has disappeared. He decided to summon the Ancient Beast using the Life Vitality. The monks wanted to join him, but the Ancient Beast appeared, and it looked like a fierce yellow monkey with red eyes. The Ancient Beast roars and draws the attention of everyone while casing explosions. Luo Zheng notices the Golden Light and realizes that it can kill people without leaving a trace when spreading out. Luo Zheng’s party decided to keep its distance and stay away from the Golden Light.

Sacred Heavenly Venerate believes that he should wait since Great Heavenly Venerate would arrive soon. The Ancient Beast got cut into half but a God Slaying Sword Array. Sacred Heavenly Venerate realizes that is those four words again. He realizes that he can’t die here since they only relied on that True God, and this war is unfair to his side. One of the humans scolds Pseudo Saint for invading their Universe. Pseudo Saint decided to go down with humans and said they wouldn’t escape from Saint Race. One of the geezers close the Lotus Boundry, and the humans realize that the battle is over and they have won.


Ancient Beast

Apotheosis Chapter 818 Released Date

Apotheosis Chapter 818 will be released on 24 September 2021. The manga will complete the release of the week on Sunday. The geezers realize that if Pseudo Saint opens the wall of Sighs, they will face wild revenge of the Pseudo Saints. The second master reminds them that master Xing Wei sealed the passage, which is not easy to reopen. True God Mu Han appears on the others side and begins to break the wall. The wall of Sigh explode, and Luo Zheng will face True God Mu Han in the next chapter of Apotheosis.

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