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Apotheosis Chapter 817: Release Date & Spoilers

Apotheosis Chapter 817

The war between Human Race and Heavenly Venarates begins with Apotheosis Chapter 817. The Heavenly Venerates attacking humans after realizing that Luo Zheng has killed their kinds and has to die. The enforcement from the human world arrives to help Luo Zheng punish the Heavenly Venerates. Apotheosis reveals the battle of a true soldier of God brings peace to various kingdoms. From the latest Apotheosis Chapter, Luo Zheng vs. Mo He and the heavenly Veanartes ended with Zheng assassinating three Heavenly Venerates with Mo He. The forces that support Mo He stepped in to avenge the death of their loved ones.

The chapter begins with Lao Tzu vs. True God, and Lao vows to rip God apart since he cares less. He realizes that he possesses Seven Kills Heavenly Destiny bestowed to him by Saint Mu Haiji, and he can use it against True God. Lao realizes that he is a Mid-Rank Heavenly Venerate, but his power of Destruction is no less than High-Rank Heavenly Venerates. True God reminds him that he is a fool to compare himself to the strength of God since it is overwhelming. True God uses Starlight against Lao, who thinks that it will ner hurt him.

Lao is surprised when the Starlight destroys his Dantian that he spent his whole life training his body. The warriors think it is scary since a small flash of Starlight can destroy the Seven Kills Heavenly Venerate within a second, and they had no match against True God. True God ignites Starlight and assassinates like with a click of a finger. The punks comment that he might be True God, but he is outnumbered and can beat all of them. The mighty geezer attacks using Hundred Qi Frost Freeze.



Previously on Apotheosis Chapter 816

The mighty geezer told his men to charge at full force and takedown True God. The soldiers realize that they are fighting for survival, and they have to do that until they defeat True God. True God slips in their hands, and they wonder where he had vanished since there is no sign of his presence. A Giant Warship emerged from the sky, and the soldiers noticed a lady at the deck unleashing Sword Formation. The lady released God Slaying Sword Array. When the slashes connect, the warriors begin to die since the sword pierced their bodies.

One of the mighty geezers sends a report to Sacred Altar Heavenly Venerate about the incident. The geezer asks what kind of Sword Formation is that since they are getting annihilated. Sacred Altar Heavenly Venerate told them not to worry since he would activate his Destiny to stabilize the situation. The leader calls out Wu Xin, Wu Yuan, Wu Gen, and Wu Hu to Parise to Buddha, Ten Thousand Minds, and return it to one. The Buddhist guys begin to perform that spell and release Grand Buddha Pagoda to smash the enemies. The geezers from the other side notice that the Xuanyuang, Ji Li, and Ji Families are all here.

They begin to join the battle and exchange massive strikes. Luo Zheng had finished assassinating his opponents and decided to join the fierce brawl, but one of the men told him to wait. The guy reminded Zheng about the barrier and that he must destroy the Alatar at the center to deactivate the barrier. The soldier from the other side continues to suffer from God Slaying Sword Array. Luo Zheng uses Dive Sword to destroy that barrier that is about to collapse. The soldier reports to Heavelky Venerate that the barrier is about to break.



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Apotheosis Chapter 817 Release Date

Apotheosis Chapter 817 will be released on 22 September 2021. The upcoming Apotheosis chapters will be during weekdays. The manga released two chapters consecutively, making us miss the last chapter. Luo Zheng vs. Sacred Altar Heavenly Venerate is about to begin since he managed to break the barrier. The Human Race dominates the Heavenly Venarate as the battle continues in the next chapter of Apotheosis. The latest chapter of Apotheosis will release every week, and we will keep on updating them.

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