Apotheosis Chapter 813: Release Date & Spoilers

Apotheosis Chapter 813

The brawl between Luo Zhen and Mo He starts with Apotheosis Chapter 813, with Zhem and Mo trying to eliminate each other. Apotheosis follows Legendary Warrior Luo Zheng, who fights for peace and wants humans and monsters to live together. From the latest Apotheosis chapter, the Higher-ups notice that killing Luo Zheng is valuable. They realize that he has a great talent in this universe, and he must be the last hope of Luo Xao. They think that if Mo He is the guy to kill Luo Zheng, it will be worth it.

Mo He combines the Grand World technique with Phanton Array to make the place a Spacial Maze and realizes that he can finish the HE Incarnation even though Zheng is pulling the chain. Mo unleashes a Cyan Vitality Tree and realizes that he can become God by creating his world. He realizes that his father broke the Cyan Tree and gave him a part of it, and if he uses the power of Potential, he can assassinate Luo Zheng without question. Luo Zheng notices the leaves of the tree have turned into a Golden Sanskrit. Mo He told him that it was time for Luo Zheng to die.

He adds that he is jealous that Luo Zheng is talented than him, and he hats to be number two. Mo He unleashes Sacred Tree and uses it against Luo Zheng. Zheng notices that it is the power of Nine Stars, and he has to surpass his limit to block that strike. He sees that the Sacred Tree and the Aura of a Saint can use the power on Nine Star to fight in Mo He’s territory.

Previously on Apotheosis Chapter 812

One guy who supports Luo Zheng reminds Old Patriact to act now since they can’t lose Luo Zheng and have already lost Xuanyuan Chengfeng. The guy notices that Mo He has landed a massive strike, and they are afraid to lose Luo Zheng. The King talked with Divine Arrow Heavely Venerate to take him to the battle. The Old Patriarch told his man that the time would come for them to watch the fight. They hope that Luo Zeng can survive the Calamity. The Old Patriarch comments that he can use Lotus Flower to consume the Sacred Tree. But he is worried that if he makes a move, the Pseudo-Sant Race will counterattack.


They decided that they would help Luo Zheng if he were about to fail. Luo Zheng holds that blow and tries to push Mo He’s attack back. Mo He notices that Zhen has an indestructive body and wishes to be a stronger warrior if he had it. Mo He adds that after he kills Zheng, he will take his corpse and discover his secrets. Zheng unleashes Concentric Clothes that help him reduce the pressure of Heaven Suppressing objects. But he notices that it surprises his inner world that could get destroyed at any moment.

Luo Zheng realizes that he has to do something before he gets destroyed and mobilizes Primal Chaos QI to transform and counter it. Mo He is excited witnessing Zheng suffering and tells him to give up since he can’t resist the suppressive power. Luo Zheng is trying to survive and unleashes a Boundary Wall. But the Boundary Wall begins to collapse, and he notices that his inner world is falling. Mo He is glad that he is about to kill Luo Zheng and take his powers. Luo Zheng tries to figure out what he should do next as the battle continues.


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Apotheosis Chapter 813 Release Date

Apotheosis Chapter 813 will be released on 16 September 2021. The next Apotheosis chapters will release until Sunday take a gap of two to three days. Apotheosis releases a lot of chapters per week, but we will update the latest one every week. The new Apotheosis chapter will release every week. But we cannot access the official Apotheosis platforms to read the latest manga chapters. The next chapter will release soon as the battle continues, and don’t miss the duel between Mo He and Luo Zheng.

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