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Apotheosis Chapter 806: Release Date, Preview & Recap


The great war between Demon Race and Human Race begins with Apotheosis Chapter 806, with Luo Zheng protecting the Human Race. This chapter will be released in a few days. Apotheosis has revealed the war of different races since Luo Zheng reshape himself as a powerful weapon to bring peace. From the latest chapter of Apotheosis, Zheng and Xin defeated their enemies after an intense battle. The chapter begins in Kwai Shui World Tie Yue City. A two Horn Demond arrives and challenges Mo He to come and fight him.

Mo He has never tasted defeat, and no human has ever beat him. The higher-ups wonder who can challenge Mo He from Human Race. Demon Race’s Martial Artist: Zhan Gui insists on Mo He’s head. A lady appears and told Zhan that Mo He is busy and Zhan has to qualify by beating her to challenge Mo He. The lady unleashes Black Flame Pearl and uses it against Zhan. Zhan decided to assassinate the lady, but he got killed with a single strike. The Black Flame Pearl devours Zhang into ashes.

The lady asks if there is anyone powerful to challenge her. She wonders why humans have to challenge Mo He while they can’t keep up with her. A hooded man arrives and asks the lady if he can challenge Mo He if he beat her. The lady replies, yes, but the guy will get destroyed. The guy unveils himself, and he is Xuanyuan Chenfengf. The humans shout that Chenfeng is their hope. Mo He realizes that Chenfeng is Universe of Great Expense’s Number One Daozi. The lady is glad to face a Daozi. Chenfeng told the lady to get ready, and they must make it quick since he is in a hurry.

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Previously on Apotheosis Chapter 805

The lady reminds Chenfeng that the battle began the moment he stepped on the battlefield. Chengfeng notices that the lady is using Black Flame Pearl against him. He jumps back before the flames touched him since he will die instantly. The lady asks Chenfeng if he is hiding and wonders why a Daozi has little power. Chengfeng notices that the lady is using despicable tricks. He realizes that he has to dodge all the attacks since a clean hit with cause death. The lady saw that Chenfeng is mixing up his things and comments that Dao is powerful. The citizens told Chenfeng to kill the lady and boost the morale of their world.



One of the guys who was getting doubted reminds the guys that he told them that Chenfeng is the most powerful Daozi and has overwhelming strength. Chengfeng manages to find three weak spots in that lady’s body. He decided to shut those three core and kill her with a single strike. Chengfeng uses The Spear of Truth that landed, and the lady wonders how he finds her weakness. Before the lady dies, she uses a bead and jumps away. Chengfeng realizes that he has to take out Three Beads.

The lady realizes that Chengfeng is aiming for the Bead of her life, and she can’t use three small swords to stop him. Chengfeng thinks she is daydreaming, and he took out another item. Chengfeng comments that it is time to strike her will a k8ill blow and uses The Spear of Laws to kill her. But Mo-He arrived and stopped him from killing a lady. Mo-He unleashes his Dragon Blade to clash with Chengfeng and said cultivating the Great Ruling Technique is fun. Chenfeng told him to use all of the tricks he can, but he will break them.

Apotheosis Chapter 806 Release Date

Apotheosis Chapter 806 will be released on Sunday, 29 August 2021. This manga releases three or more chapters per week unless the new chapters get delayed. The new chapters of Apotheosis manga will be available every week, but we have no access to the official Apotheosis website to read the latest chapters of this manga. The manga will continue every week, and it takes a long time for the chapters to get delayed.

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